Kane (Arizona Vengeance, Book #8)

Releasing September 15, 2020

Are you ready for Kane Bellan’s story…?

I have a problem.
Potential problem?
I’m not really sure. Here’s the deal.

There’s this girl (isn’t that how it always starts?), and I like her. Really like her. I hope that doesn’t make me seem less manly than my professional hockey player persona implies. But here’s the problem—she’s my best friend. The one person I can count on for everything, who’s been there with me for all the moments, big and small. And now that I’ve come to terms with my feelings, how do I convince her to take a chance on going from friends to lovers?

All books in the Arizona Vengeance series can be read as standalones. See the entire series here: https://sawyerbennett.com/bookstore/the-arizona-vengeance-series/


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