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Jameson Force Security Boxed Set Books 7-10

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Join the team at Jameson Force Security as they do the dark and dangerous jobs no one else wants to do…

Code Name: Tiara
Jackson Gale is less than thrilled when his new assignment involves ‘babysitting’ Princess Camille of House Winterbourne. But he quickly learns that there is more to Camille that her royal crown. Code Name: Tiara is a forbidden lovers romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Disavowed
This mission will change Ladd McDermott’s life forever. When he gets word that the CIA has disavowed his former partner, Greer Hathaway, who also happens to be his ex-fiancée, he’ll risk everything to rescue her. Code Name: Disavowed is a second chance romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Revenge
Dozer Burney drops everything when he receives an alert that indicates his best friend, Jessica Anderson, is in danger. Protecting Jessica is easy, because even though he’s never been able to admit it to anyone, not even himself, Dozer has been in love with Jessica since the day they met. Code Name: Revenge is a friends-to-lovers romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Omega
Kellen McCord has joined the team at Jameson, having moved from California with his dog, Omega, who he affectionately refers to as Bubba. When Bubba snacks on something he most definitely should not, Kellen rushes him to the vet—Dr. Abby Blackburn. Kellen quickly learns that Abby is on a crusade to take down a local puppy mill, but when her safety is threatened, Kellen and the team from Jameson step in to keep her safe. Code Name: Omega is a dog filled romantic suspense standalone.

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