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“Leary Michaels and Reeve Holloway story is more than your typical opposites attract; they are opposing forces colliding in and out of the courtroom. Their chemistry is electrifying.”

Michel, Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews

Friction: Reeve and Leary’s Story (The Legal Affairs Series, Book #6)

Audiobook narrated by: Aiden Snow and Lucy Rivers

Leary Michaels has no problem using her feminine charms to daze her legal adversaries so they don’t see her coming in for the kill. On her most personal case yet, she finds herself battling an attorney who’s just as skilled, seductive and shamelessly determined to beat her at her own game.

As a partner at Knight & Payne, I know what it takes to succeed—hard work, long hours and occasionally turning up my female powers of persuasion. I’m not afraid to show a little skin if it’s going to get me what I want and I’ve been known to ignore the ethics rules a time or two.

The opponent on my current case is nothing but a sleazy corporate lawyer willing to sell his soul to the devil to help his rich clients get richer by sticking it to innocent people like my client. No matter how devastatingly handsome Reeve Holloway is, I have zero qualms messing with his head… both above and below his belt. I’ve deviously planned out our first meeting and one excruciatingly long elevator ride at the courthouse leaves me with my stockings down, Reeve begging for more and the two of us on a decidedly unethical path to the bedroom.

As the case and our dalliance go on, I find that my initial impression of Reeve couldn’t be further from reality. What starts as a couple of workaholics blowing off steam turns into something deeper than we ever wanted. But pillow talk can be dangerous when you’re walking a moral line and Reeve’s law firm has made it clear they’ll stop at nothing to win.

When the gavel comes down on our case, I can’t help but feel as if I’m losing everything I’ve worked so hard to attain. As our hearts become more entwined, can we find a way to battle in the courtroom or will the friction cause our love to burn to ashes?

NOTE: Friction: Reeve and Leary’s Story was originally released as Friction by Montlake in 2015. This tale of two attorneys battling it out in the courtroom received a fresh polish but the story remains the same—smart, sassy and smoking hot.

A highly steamy contemporary romance series featuring interconnected standalones and a trilogy. Start with Legal Affairs, then follow it up with Confessions of a Litigation God, the companion novel told strictly from the hero’s POV with bonus scenes! Next, enjoy an enemies-to-lovers romance with a hint of suspense in Clash, Grind, and Yield, a Legal Affairs Trilogy. Then round out the series with Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll and The Pecker Briefs, which are both standalone tiles.

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