The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #24)

Oh My God. This is way out of my league.

I want to fly out of the room because I’m achingly nervous but I want Nix more so I hold my ground. The timbre of his voice is like rough bark on a tree, deliciously grating on every exposed nerve. The look in his eyes is so sensual it makes me want to get on all fours and submit my neck to him.

On their own accord, my hands grab the hem of my jersey and pull it over my head. I’m wearing a long sleeved, white t-shirt below but I leave it on for now. Bending one knee to the floor, I quickly remove my shoes and socks. When I stand back up, I look at Nix and his position on the bed hasn’t changed. He’s watching me quietly…waiting. His only movement is his chest moving shallowly and his thick lashes blinking around those jade eyes.

I press forward, dispensing with my t-shirt quick enough and let my jeans follow. Standing before him, I wait to see what he does. Now that my main clothes are off, I really don’t feel so self-conscious. Luckily, I’m wearing some of my nicer lingerie and the simple white, lace bra and bikini underwear set shines bright against my skin.

Nix leisurely runs his gaze down my body, then moves slowly up again. I’m holding all of my breath in and I know I should release it before I pass out. I wait for further instructions and I don’t wait long.

When Nix meets my eyes again, he says, “All of it, Emily. Slower.”

I think I might just incinerate right now. I didn’t think Nix would be in for a slow seduction but clearly, the man has skills I didn’t think were possible. And he hasn’t even touched me yet.

I reach behind my back to unclasp my bra. Hunching my shoulders slightly forward, I let it slide down my arms, and drop it carelessly to the floor. Nix doesn’t watch it fall and I almost groan when I see him lick his lips while he caresses my breasts with his eyes. My nipples harden almost painfully under his scrutiny.

Then his eyes travel down and he just stares at me. Without moving his gaze, he orders me, “Your panties, Emily. I need to see all of you.”

My heart is pounding so hard, I’m sure Nix can hear it. Hooking my thumbs into my underwear, I push them slowly down my thighs until they just slide off. I step out of them and kick them to the side.

Now I’m self-conscious again, standing there totally naked, while Nix just peruses my body. I’ve never done this before, put my body under such bold examination.

“Come here,” he says thickly. The way he is watching me…he’s hungering and it makes me realize I have never known true passion before.

I walk to stand between his legs and he sits up on the bed. Leaning forward, he brings his hands to my hips while placing a gentle kiss on my stomach. My entire body trembles from the pleasure of that small touch and my arms glide to his shoulders. His skin is hot and I luxuriate in the burn.

Nix moves his mouth up my stomach. After placing a warm kiss in the center of my chest, he turns his face and rubs his cheek against me. My hands come up to his head and I lace my fingers through his hair. I don’t have to wait long before Nix brings his lips to my breast. So hot, so wet. He kisses and sucks at my nipples, paying both equal attention with his tongue and teeth. He takes his time, he savors. He doesn’t seem to be in a rush. I, however, feel like I’m going to explode from the incendiary contact of his mouth on me.

Pulling back slightly, Nix looks up at me while his thumbs smooth back and forth over my hips. “You’re so fucking beautiful. The most beautiful…” But he trails off, as if the power of his own words scare him.

My heart dissolves into a puddle of emotion over his words and I lean in slightly to kiss him. He shakes his head and stands up from the bed. Taking a step back, I watch as he takes his shoes and socks off, his gaze never leaving mine.

When he’s done he says, “Undress me, Emily.”

I don’t think twice about his order.

And it is an order.

Reaching out with shaky hands, I lift his t-shirt up and over his head. Up close, the blinded skull looks even more terrifying but I don’t want to be scared of it. I don’t want to be scared of anything that Nix presents to me.

I try to read the words on the scroll that floats down his ribs. I only catch brief snippets as I reach down to the fly of his jeans.

For quiet times disappear…

The way is not in the sky…

Don’t let your ears refuse to hear…

The words have no clear meaning to me but they are beautiful. They are at complete odds with the skull. If I get an opportunity, I want to make a study of Nix’s body, which will include all the words he finds so important to permanently ink them on his skin.

I glance up at him briefly to see the purest desire etched in his face and then lower my eyes again to watch my hands make their progress.

Popping the top button, I ease his zipper down. He takes in a sharp breath as my knuckles make soft contact with the hard bulge that is outlined below.

Taking my hands, I place them on his stomach and then smooth them around to his back. Tucking my hands into the waistband of his boxer briefs, I glide my hands down over his ass, flexing my fingers as I go. Nix growls at my touch but follows up with a whispered, “Yes”.

Emboldened, I slide my hands around to his hips and push his pants down, kneeling as I go until they reach his ankles. He lifts one leg, and then the other while I take his jeans completely off.

Nix gazes down at me while I kneel in front of him, the impressive evidence of his feelings stands boldly in front of me. His body is beautiful in every way.

I lick my lips and lean forward but I’m stopped when Nix takes his fingertips and places them at my throat. He traces them gently around to the back of my head, cupping it, and then pulls me to my feet.

“Not this time,” he whispers. “But later…”

I’m his puppet and I do what he tells me. I have no thoughts of trying to take charge because frankly, I’m not sure what to do. This is a sexual experience beyond anything I’ve ever known.

Still holding me immobile by the back of my head, Nix just stares at me, like he’s contemplating his next move.

After several painful seconds, he finally dips his head down. I think he’s going to kiss me but he bypasses my lips and heads a little further south. The first contact of his tongue is on my collarbone and I sigh softly from the touch. He kisses me gently, moving back and forth, the stubble on his face divinely abrading me.

Finally, his other arm wraps around me and pulls me in closer to his body. The heat of his skin is scorching and I can feel his erection twitching between our bodies. He feels like steel wrapped in satin.

Nix finally moves his mouth upward until our lips connect, and then he is kissing me deeply. Never releasing my head, his other hand drops down and hikes my leg up over his hip. The move brings his hardness squarely between my legs and I can’t help but move my hips against him.

The contact is overwhelming and I want to beg him to please just bury himself in me.

But I don’t.

Instead, I gasp when he reaches down and picks me up, forcing my legs around his waist.

He turns swiftly to the bed and lays me on it, never breaking contact between our lips. He comes to rest on me, gently rubbing himself between my legs and I can already feel myself building for him.

Nix finally breaks our kiss and he sits back, kneeling between my legs.

“I’m dying to make you come again, Emily. Do you want that?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

He looks down at me and places his hands on my knees. I can feel rough callouses against my skin and I shiver. He pushes gently against my legs and they fall apart at his simple request. He just watches me…hungrily…running his eyes all over my body.

The world seems to stop when he drags a finger down between my legs. My hips arch high off the bed and I can’t help but softly cry out, “Nix.”

A lovely smile plays across his face and I am even more turned on by the fact that he loves turning me on.

“That’s my girl,” he says, desire thick in his voice.

Nix wastes no time. He scoots backward then lies down between my legs, deftly pulling them over his shoulders. He places one soft kiss on my hipbone, then his tongue darts out to lick the same spot. Nix looks at me briefly and our eyes hold for just a moment before he brings his mouth down on me.

There is no way I could have even been prepared for that feeling of his mouth between my legs. The world as I know it spins out of control, faster and faster. I try to keep my eyes open, to stare down at his head between my thighs, but my eyelids keep fluttering closed.

I’ve never had a guy go down on me. Hell, the only guy I’ve ever been with was Todd and that was a disaster. Todd would never think to want to pleasure me. I have had girlfriends that have talked about it and how wonderful it is. But I never could imagine how unbelievably spectacular the sensation is until his lips branded me there.

I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming out. My muscles clench up and a pleasurable cramp rolls all the way up from where his mouth is latched on to me to the top of my spine.

Nix has no mercy. He licks, kisses, sucks and plunges with his lips…with his tongue…with his fingers. I’m vaguely aware of my head thrashing and when I look down at his glorious head working between my legs, I notice that my hands have fistfuls of his hair clenched tightly. He doesn’t seem to care.

My climax builds fast, like a fireball massively rolling outward from the nucleus of an explosion. Pressing his face against me harder, I let out a low, long moan as I come. It goes on, wave after wave, muscles clenching and releasing, all the while Nix gently kisses at me until I plummet downward again.

Nix finally raises his head to look at me and his look is dark, almost sinister. I know he’s not finished with me by a long shot. “I could do that all night to you, Emily. Just to hear your sweet cries.”

Oh God, did he know the right words to use in the bedroom? He is a terrible conversationalist in real life but he probably has the power to induce an orgasm just from his wicked thoughts translated into erotic conversation.

He licks his lips and pushes back off the bed. Rummaging around in his jeans, he brings out a foil-wrapped condom.

Nix comes to stand at the edge of the bed and I have a clear view of him while he rips open the packet. He has no modesty but there’s no reason why he should. His body is beyond glorious.

I’ve never watched this before. My sexual experiences were always fumbles in the dark. Nix is deft and efficient, and he’s quickly sheathed. I want to do that for him next time but those thoughts are banished when he crawls onto the bed, back between my legs.

Kneeling between my thighs, Nix runs his hands up my stomach and over my breasts. He rolls my nipples back and forth, causing a pleasured sound to gurgle up from my throat. He glances at me. “Tell me what you want.”


He smiles. “Where, Emily? Be specific with me.”

I suck in a small breath. “I want you inside of me.”

My words inflame him and he covers my entire body with his own. His lips find mine and he is ferociously kissing me. He lays thick and heavy between my legs, rubbing himself against my heat. Nix takes one arm and loops it under my leg, the back of my knee coming to rest in the crook of his elbow. He raises me up, spreading me wider.

He pushes inside of me with gentle precision. He goes slowly, working his way in, even though I can feel that I’m wet and ready. The sensation is almost unbearable. He’s huge but my body is melting to accommodate him. I have no control over my hips as they undulate to help move him deeper in me.

Finally, with one strong push, he’s all the way in and our pelvises are locked together. Nix pulls back from my mouth and lets his gaze travel down to our union.

“Look, Emily. Look at us…together.” His words are rough, his breath heaving. I can feel his arms trembling as he holds himself above me.

I look down and I find the sight to be erotically overwhelming. Pleasure pulses through me and my muscles involuntarily clench around him. He feels it and grits out, “Fuck, Emily.”

Then Nix starts moving and my eyes close. I can feel his lips on my neck, kissing me. One arm is still holding my leg but he takes his other and wraps it behind my head, fusing our bodies tighter together.

There is no way possible we could be any closer. I can almost feel him touching every part of my body with every part of his. There’s nothing that feels neglected.

Our movements become faster, harder. We find a sympathetic rhythm that is pushing me higher and higher. He’s hitting me so deep, he’s awakened something inside of me that I didn’t know existed.

Nix’s breaths are coming faster and he’s gasping in my ear, “You feel so fucking good, Emily. I’ll never get enough of you.”

Those words evoke an unparalleled emotion in me and already I feel another orgasm coming on. And it’s coming fast but the wave of it is no less forceful.

“I’m going to come again, Nix,” I warn him, almost with fear that I won’t be able to contain my reaction.

“Damn right you are,” he growls against my neck. His thrusts become more focused, intent on wringing every bit of pleasure that he can out of me.

Without warning, it crashes through me and I bite down on his shoulder, riding the pleasure until it starts to recede like an ocean wave at low tide.

I can just feel the last rumbles easing up my spine when Nix gives an incredibly deep push, shuddering violently.

“Emily,” he groans as he unloads inside of me. My name on his lips sounds like a prayer and a curse.

I’m vaguely aware of Nix pulling back off my body a bit, the cool air soothing our sweat-soaked bodies. He rolls to the side, taking me with him.

I am boneless yet I feel invincible.

As the frantic beating of my heart starts to calm, all I can think is that this is the best experience of my new and improved life. I’m positive it can’t be topped.


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