The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #23)

Her office is in a bad section of town and although I hardly know her, I hated she had to work there. I was surprised when she walked out of the hair salon next door and approached me with a friendly enough smile.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Came to get my hair done,” I quipped, pointing to the salon named Do or Dye.


Viveka rolled her eyes at me, so I fessed up. “I want to talk about the case.”

“Okay,” she said carefully, motioning her hand toward her office.

I shook my head and fessed up some more. “Let’s go have a drink and talk about the case. It’s quitting time.”

My body braced for a fight and I had counter arguments worked up in my head if she insisted we stick to the professionalism of an office setting. But Viveka surprised me for what would not be the first or the last time that day, by giving me a bright smile. “Even better. There’s a bar two blocks down—”

“Let’s go The Capital Grille,” I rolled right over her. “We’ll grab dinner, too.”

And I swear—swear to God Almighty—I did not suggest Capital Grille because my apartment was in the same building. They really have good food.

She readily agreed, and so we went.

We had drinks, dinner, and talked about the red-cockaded woodpecker. I know more about the damn bird than I care to, but what she told me would at least help me to prepare somewhat for the hearing on Tuesday.

One drink turned into two, and then three. The flirtation was obvious, and neither of us needed innuendo. The attraction between us was palpable, and it had only grown since our first meeting while she was chained to a tree. When she glanced at her watch and made a clucking sound of dismay that it was getting late, I had no hesitation.

“Stay the night with me,” I said.

Her head snapped my way, and her eyes lasered onto mine. There was no question or confusion in her expression, only consideration. She knew I wasn’t asking for a sleepover, but rather to go upstairs and fuck.

She said yes and it was one of the happier moments in my life that I can recall.

And now, I’m inside her and not wanting to lose that feeling. Viveka’s eyes soften as she stares back at me, curling a hand around the back of my neck. She’s not shy when she pulls me down for a kiss, but it’s only a brief touching of her mouth to mine. Then both hands are back to my chest and she is giving me a slight push. “It was definitely amazing, but I’ve got to go.”

I don’t budge an inch. She pushes a little harder, but I give a slight shake of my head. “You don’t have to run off.”

She grins, giving a harder push while at the same time wiggling her body out from underneath me. My half-hard dick slides out of her, and I blink in surprise as she rolls gracefully right off the bed. “But I do.”

“Veka,” I call, testing the nickname for the first time.

Her head snaps my way, causing her long hair to fall over her bare shoulder. Her fucking nipples are still hard, and I want them in my mouth again.

She gives a playful wag of her finger and shakes her head. “I told you that name was reserved only for my friends.”

I plop my head in the palm of my hand as I watch her walk around my bedroom to pick up her clothes. “I made you come twice tonight. I think that makes us friends.”

Her laugh is husky. “I’ll give you that.”

“Or do you prefer I call you Viv?” I ask her.

Her eyes come to me, and I can see them clearly even though she’s across the room. That’s because even though it’s after midnight, the lights are on in my bedroom. When we had stumbled our way in here, kissing and clawing at each other, I asked her if she wanted me to turn the lights off.

She had laughed and said, “Hell no. I want to see the goods.”

I think in that moment, if I were capable of such a thing, it would have been the moment I would have fallen in love with her. I enjoy looking at the goods, too, and let me tell you… Viveka Jones has them in spades.

I’m mesmerized as she walks to the bed, stark naked and completely glorious in her nudity. She clutches her silky white panties in one hand. Viveka comes to a halt by the side of the bed and I scoot closer to her, staring at the short-cropped hair that covers her pussy. She’s a natural blonde, but I figured as much.

Given she’s Swedish and all.

When I finally let my gaze travel slowly up her body, lingering on those hard nipples and wanting like hell to reach out and pinch one, I find her eyes aren’t on my face. Instead, she’s doing her own leisurely perusal of my body.

I let her study me, not in the least bit self-conscious I have a condom still clinging to my dick filled with what felt like buckets I unloaded just minutes ago.

When she raises her eyes to mine, I give her a seductive smile. I run a finger up the inside of her leg, hearing her breath catch, but I watch my fingers progress. Goose bumps follow in my wake, until I reach those soft lips with wetness still clinging to her pale curls.

Fuck, she was drenched when I first put my hand up her skirt in the elevator to my apartment. She only got wetter the harder we fucked.

I push my finger in and tap her clit lightly. Her hips jerk, and I finally glance up. Her pupils have grown large, obliterating the pale blue like an eclipse.

“Or, I could just call you ‘V’,” I murmur, giving her pussy a slight rub. “Because this is the ‘V’ I like most on you. Right here.”

I give another tap, and she moans.

The hand holding her panties flies out and wraps around my wrist. I can feel the silk against my skin, along with the tight grip of her slender fingers. I think she means to push me away, but instead, she violently pushes my hand deeper between her legs.

My dick starts to respond, thickening inside the used condom.

And well, that’s never happened before.

“I really have to go,” she pants, moving my hand between her legs. “But get me off first. Okay, baby?”

“Fuck,” I mutter because that is goddamn hot as hell. She came twice tonight, and she wants it again from me.

She demands it of me, actually, and while I’m the alpha dog in bed—always—I don’t mind a woman expressing her needs. I love being able to give Viveka what she craves.

I lurch up from the bed, swing my legs out, and plant my feet on the floor. Viveka gives a cry of surprise when I grab her and make her lay over my thighs.

Her stomach presses against my dick, which is ready to go for another round, but that’s not what interests me at this moment.

That beautiful round ass sticks up in the air, begging for attention. I give it a light swat, then delve in to push my fingers between her cheeks. They graze over that sensitive little hole I’d like to claim at some point before sinking into her cunt.

Viveka moans, and my breath seems to freeze in my lungs. She’s soaked. Fucking dripping.

And she’s a squirmer.

I bring my other hand to spread wide over her back, holding her down while I finger fuck her. I drive one, then two fingers in deep, all the way to the third knuckle.

Viveka starts grunting in pleasure. It’s not ladylike at all, but it’s hot as fuck. My dick feels like concrete, and it starts to ache under the pressure her stomach is putting on it.

I find out quickly, though, that this woman gives as good as she gets. She doesn’t stay in place for long, but rather plants her feet hard onto the floor and pushes slightly from my lap. My dick springs upward, announcing its randy presence. My fingers don’t miss a beat, still lodged into her from behind and pumping hard. She groans and presses the hand holding her panties into my thigh. The other pulls the condom off me.

“Goddamn… yes,” I bark out as her hand closes around my cock, which is still slick with my cum from our last fuck. She starts to jack me hard and fast, matching my strokes.

The noises we’re making are like a symphony for my ears. Grunts, moans, wet skin sliding and slapping. Her ass jiggles because my hand is working her so hard from behind, and her tits sway as she rocks while leaning over my lap.

Most guys—and hell, I’m most guys—would beg a woman in this position to lean a little further and take my cock down her throat, but this frantic hand job where she jerks my cock roughly is making me see stars. This may be my new most favorite thing.

Thrusting and pumping and moaning and those grunts… from me… from her. Feels so fucking good we can’t keep quiet about it.

And then her pussy tightens around my fingers. Arching her spine deeply, she throws her head back as she cries out her pleasure. All that glorious moonlit hair that had come free a long time ago flies in an arc and floats over her back.

The orgasm takes me unaware, coming on so fast and viciously I can’t even move or make a sound. I erupt, splashing her tits, which are hanging just inches from the tip of my cock as her hand still moves on me.

“Now that was amazing,” Viveka gasps when I slowly draw my fingers out of her.

“I have no clue what the fuck that was, but I want to do that again soon.”

She laughs, straightening to peer down her at her breasts. My cum looks beautiful there but to my disappointment, she uses her panties to wipe it off.

Raising her head, she gives a lopsided grin that pops only one of her dimples before leaning over to bring her face close to mine. Dropping the panties onto my lap, she gives me a light kiss.

“You can keep those,” she says as she pulls back.

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