The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #8)

I step toward her, and for some reason, she takes a step back. Her eyes sparkle with challenge, her chest rising and falling, that one nipple a darker red than the other from my mouth.

I take another step toward her, my hands going to my belt. As I pull it free from the buckle, she edges back again.

“Second thoughts?” I ask gruffly.

I slip the belt free from the loops, taking another step her way. She moves back, her eyes pinned on the belt with interest.

“This works great for binding wrists,” I say conversationally. I love the way her eyes flash with heat. I drop the belt to the ground. “Maybe another time. I’d like your hands free to do what they want for now.”

Upon seeing her disappointment, pure in its form, I make a note to use a belt at some point.

I haven’t even fucked her yet, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be coming back up her elevator again in the near future.

As I’m unbuttoning my jeans, lowering the zipper, we play a cat-and-mouse walk clear across her kitchen until her back comes up against the wall that leads into the dining room through a curved archway.

I see a heavy, quality-built dining table that seats ten through there and figure it will work well.

With a lunge, I grab Veronica, and she shrieks in surprise, followed by a husky laugh as my hands go to her ass to lift her up. Her legs wrap around my waist, just as they did last week, as if they know their place—and our mouths fuse as I walk into the dining room.

She clings to me tightly, tongue thrashing against mine. I move to the end of the dining table and kick the heavy chair out of the way before lowering her ass to the mahogany. I break the kiss, putting a palm to her chest and pushing her so her back hits the table. I divest her of her little panty shorts, and just like that, she’s splayed naked on the dining table.

She’s a fucking feast.

For a moment, I can tell she’s all in, then doubt crosses her face. I wait, and she tips her head back to the large pane of glass that overlooks the Phoenix skyline. “I don’t have blinds.”

“Don’t care,” I reply.

“Someone might see,” she points out.

“Also don’t care.”

She considers that, lower lip sucked between her teeth, before finally saying, “Oh well… I don’t even know my neighbors, anyway.”

“Good girl,” I praise as I spread her legs with my hands and step in between them. I bend over and press one palm to the dining table near her ribs.

Veronica starts to rise up, perhaps to meet me for a kiss. Instead, my other hand goes between her legs, and my fingers find her wet and warm. I slide one in, and she flops back down to the table with an audible groan, her hips tilting and flexing in a silent plea for more.

So I give her more—another finger and my thumb playing along her clit. She’s so fucking responsive that I can feel her muscles gripping onto me as I try to slide out. I had thought about working her to readiness with my mouth because I’m dying to go down on her, but she’s ready.

So goddamn ready, and I know this for sure when she says, “You’re killing me, Riggs.”

Unfortunately, I have to pull my hand away from in between her legs, but it shoots straight to my wallet where I quickly pull out a condom. Veronica’s eyes shine with appreciation.

“This is going to be fast and hard,” I feel compelled to advise her.

“Not fast enough,” she says, leaning up to rip the condom from me. While she frees it from the package, I push my jeans down and free my cock, which needs not one single ministration from Veronica to be ready. It was ready the minute I stepped off that elevator and saw her standing there.

I step in closer, and Veronica attempts to put the condom on. Her hands are shaking and she looks unsure, and I remember she’s been married. Condoms may not be her forte, so I help her along, coaxing her fingers and hands on how to do it. I suppress a groan as she rolls it on.

My hand goes to the back of Veronica’s neck, and I haul her up further so I can kiss her again. Intensely passionate, there’s so much communication and promise just with our lips and tongues. My hand goes back between her legs, and I work her clit lightly as we kiss. Slip my fingers back in, savoring how warm and wet she is. When the bucking of her hips gets overly insistent, I once again pull my hand away.

Stepping back with my one hand still behind her neck, I pull Veronica all the way up from the table. Her eyes cloud with confusion and then flash with surprise as I spin her around.

As I step into her, bringing my hard cock against her back, she issues a tiny moan of acceptance or protest, I’m not sure. I wrap an arm around her stomach, the other over her breasts, and hold her tight to my body so I can whisper in her ear, “Going to bend you over and fuck you from behind. Any objections?”

Veronica shakes her head furiously. “God, no. No objections.”

“Good,” I reply, doing exactly as promised. I release my hold and bend her over the table. It doesn’t sit high enough for her to lie her stomach and chest on it and keep her ass tilted high enough for me. So she braces with her forearms on the hard wood as I press myself against her. Using my hand to guide myself, I slide slowly into her.

“Christ,” I growl, because I don’t recall anything feeling this good.


So tight and willing… so Veronica.

I smooth my hands up her back and hear her responding purr of contentment. I can think of a thousand ways to get her to make that sound again, and I start filing them away for another time.

My hands travel back to her hips, and I start to move. Sliding out, thrusting back in deeply. Steady, measured strokes that pick up in speed and force. Veronica makes tiny gasping sounds with each pump of my hips, and I can’t stop the guttural sounds tearing from me. It feels so fucking good, I feel like an animal as I fuck her harder and faster.

“Feels… good,” Veronica stutters between thrusts.

“Too… good,” I reply. Because it’s dangerous for anything to feel this good.

“Riggs,” she moans after I bottom out extra deep, shoving the entire dining room table forward a few inches. “I’m close.”

Fuck, so am I. But no way I’m going before her.

I pull her hips back, reach an arm around her, and dive my hand back between her legs. I roll her clit without missing a single thrust, and I’m shocked when Veronica cries out an almost immediate release. Pussy tightening around my cock, her cries devolve into a groan of pleasure, and my balls shrink, orgasm brewing at the base of my spine. I’m ready to tip over.

I slam into her one last time, keep my hand between her legs, and with the other pull her up by her throat so she’s standing straight against me as I come. I keep dipping and flexing my hips, working my way deeper and deeper into her as I unload, and it’s the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had.

Twisting me up and turning me inside out, not sure I’ll ever reach that pinnacle again, I’m sure as fuck going to try with this woman.

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