The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #7)


“What if,” Eden says slowly as her gaze raises back up to mine. Her eyes are speculative . . . maybe with some mischief brewing in there, “you were a rebound?”

“You came here to have rebound sex with me?” I ask amused with my eyebrow cocked high in disbelief.

Eden shakes her head and smiles at me impishly. “No, that wasn’t on my agenda. But Ashley did bring it up, and seeing as how you’re single now, and I’m single now . . .”

Her words trail off as I watch bright tinges of red color her cheeks. She drops her eyes, embarrassed, and mumbles, “Forget about it.”

I snake my hand around Eden’s waist and jerk her to me, my hand squeezing hers tighter to my chest. Her body presses into mine and she lets out a gasp of surprise. I look down at her, my eyes trying to discern what she really wants.

Really needs.

“Eden,” I say softly, my entire body tightening from the warmth of her against me. “I know you didn’t come here for that, but you brought it up. So tell me, exactly what you want and why?”

She says nothing for a moment, but I can practically see her trying to work it out in her brain. I suspect her bringing up rebound sex was nothing more than a frivolous statement, brought about by us sharing some humor.

I’m surprised when Eden pushes back from me so suddenly I’m forced to release my hold on her. She walks backward three steps until she comes up against the wall that borders the formal living room off the foyer. She never takes her eyes off me as she places her palms against the wall and leans back against it.

“You and I have had sex before, and it was good, right?” she asks guardedly.

At eighteen and losing my virginity to the only girl I’ve ever loved . . . yeah, it was pretty fucking great. “It was better than good.”

“But we were young,” she continues. “And only months together like that before I left.”

“Okay,” I say slowly, not sure where she’s going.

“Well, it’s been a long time. You’ve learned stuff and I’ve learned stuff. We’ve . . . um . . . broadened our horizons.”

A sudden and not overly unwelcome image of Eden tied up on my bed, blindfolded and gagged while I fuck her from behind, assaults me and I have to blink my eyes to chase it off.

“What’s your point, Eden?” I ask her, because I don’t buy this whole “we’ve both matured and learned stuff, let’s get it on” thing she’s laying on me.

She swallows hard, her cheeks pink up again, and she sort of mumbles, “I’m not sure I really learned all that much.”


Her face falls forward, her gaze goes to her feet, and she doesn’t answer.

“Eden . . . tell me,” I coax her.

When she looks back up, she says, “Well . . . Brad was cheating on me. That in and of itself implies I wasn’t giving him what he needed in bed. And then he’s been going around saying exactly that, and that’s why he was driven into the arms of another woman.”

My brow furrows in complete disbelief and anger surges through me. “He fucking said that?”

She nods and continues. “And, well, I’ve been stewing about that obviously. Obsessing about it really. I’m thirty-two years old and I have no clue if I’m any good at sex. And then . . . well, Ashley mentioned rebound sex, and there’s nothing wrong with rebound sex, right? I mean if you have two consenting adults, and we know the boundaries, and we both like sex—and just so you know, Coop, I do like sex a lot—then there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. More than that, though, you and I have history. Intimate history where we once cared for each other very deeply, and I’ll admit it . . . I still do care for you. That’s really never gone away. So maybe you and I should . . . well, have sex so I can know if I’m bad or just stupid at picking a fiancé. At least that’s my way of thinking, and well, if you think this is just too weird given our history—”

In one long stride I’m on her.

Over her.

Pressing her tight into the wall with my hands holding her face. My mouth slams down on hers and I’m rewarded with a long moan from Eden.

My head spins as I’m thrown completely off balance by the fact that this is all so familiar, and yet it’s very different at the same time. Eden and I grew up together and she was the woman I told everything to. This woman right now is sophisticated and worldly, not someone I would ever see myself in the same league with.

Yet her mouth is the same.

That exquisite fucking tongue better than I remember.

Those lips that excel not only at kissing but at sucking cock.

God, Eden was so good at getting me off with that mouth.

And just thinking of that causes lust to spear through me so powerfully my dick swells faster than it ever has in my life. Without thinking, I haul Eden up, moving my hands from her face to her ass. Her legs part, wrap around me, and squeeze as I grind my dick right into the soft center of her. Our mouths never stop their devouring path, and our breathing becomes harsh and uncontrolled. Christ I want to pull her shorts down and slam my way home, fuck her right here up against the wall.

But this is Eden, and she’s unlike any other. She’s everything I remembered but exponentially sexier. Merely kissing her brings up a lot of emotions because our history changes things a bit.

With regret, I pull my mouth away from hers but still keep her pinned to the wall. “Eden . . .”

“Please don’t stop,” she breathes into my mouth as she places hers against mine again.

I indulge in one more deep kiss, and pull away again. “Eden . . . let’s talk a moment.”

She focuses on me, the passion clearing slightly from her eyes. “I swear my intent isn’t to use you—”

I put a hand over her mouth to shut her up. “I know it’s not. It’s just I want to make sure we know what this is going in. It’s been a long time since we’ve known each other, and, well . . . rebound sex isn’t love and romance sex. It’s just . . . sex.”

Eden tilts her head and her eyebrows draw inward. “I feel like you’re preparing me for something here.”

I smile at her softly, dropping my forehead to hers for a moment. When I pull it up, I make sure she sees the truth in my eyes. “Only that it’s just sex. I’m sure really fucking fantastic sex. But let’s not forget. Your life isn’t here in Newberry, and I’m never leaving. And well, frankly . . . I’m just not a relationship type of guy.”

“You used to be,” she says on a whisper. “Did I change that?”

“I don’t know,” I tell her truthfully. “But there’s been no one like you in my life since then. And I really don’t want it either.”

“Well the last thing I’m looking for is a relationship,” she says seriously. “I think I’m going to stay away from those for a while.”

“So it’s rebound sex then?” I ask to confirm the deal we’re making.

She nods and sucks that full lower lip between her teeth.

This is definitely not how I thought the day was going to go, but fuck if I’m not grateful for the sudden turnabout in our plans.



“This is definitely different,” I gasp as Coop drives up into me. We most certainly didn’t do this when we were eighteen.

We’re in the middle of his bed and I’m on my knees. He’s on his knees too right behind me, with his stomach plastered to my back. He’s got his arms wrapped around me, one hand tweaking my nipple and the other rubbing against my clit. I’m completely ruined and can do nothing but let him fuck me as my head lays back on his shoulder.

This isn’t how we started, but even that wasn’t ordinary.

Coop dragged me up the stairs and into the master suite after we set our boundaries. He left me for only a moment, going into the master bath to pull out a box of condoms from under the sink.

I eyed them with a smirk. “You know they’re more convenient if you keep them in your nightstand.”

He grinned at me, pulled one out, and put the rest exactly where I suggested. “That’s true, but I’ve never had a woman up in this bedroom so I didn’t need them in the nightstand.”

“Not even Ashley?” I asked curiously.

“Not anyone,” is all I got before he was back on me again.

He picked me up, threw me onto the soft bed, and came down on top of me. “So you just what . . . go to their houses to have sex?”

I couldn’t tell if it was true irritation or not that flashed through his eyes, but just moments before his mouth was on mine, he said, “No more talking, Eden, unless it’s to tell me deeper or harder.”

And oh wow . . . just those words and I was instantly soaked for him.

Our clothes came off fast and there wasn’t a lot of foreplay. There was definitely rubbing and stroking, and I confirmed he was hard and he confirmed I was wet. The kissing was insane, furious, and almost volatile. The condom was needed very quickly.

The surprise came when Coop flipped me onto my stomach, pulled me to my hands and knees, and drove into me from behind. He simply shattered me with the animalistic need he seemed to have to get inside of me, and I wasn’t complaining one little bit. Both of us were turned on beyond measure and it had been a long damn time since we’d been together.

Although there was nothing debasing to me that our first time would be doggy style—that happens to be my absolute favorite position—I was surprised when Coop pulled me up until I was just on my knees. He couldn’t drive into me as deeply, but the connection was more intimate.

His mouth roves over my shoulder, up along my neck. The fingers tweaking my nipple alternate between biting pinches to his gently squeezing my breast. And that hand between my legs?

He’s igniting pure golden fire within me as he pushes and rubs while fucking me.

This is definitely different. Coop is more commanding, knows exactly what he wants, and he takes it. His body is bigger, more muscled, and I feel completely possessed by him. There are no sweet words of love he used to whisper to me while he would rock me, staring into my eyes.

This is balls slapping against my skin and wetness running down my thighs, and I’m so turned on. This is Coop groaning when he drives in hard, then grunting when I ask him to go harder.

And oh, his dirty words.

That is definitely different.

Coop has definitely learned some stuff.

I’ve had dirty-talking men before. Brad was one of them, but he wasn’t all that great at it. It was all focused on him, like, “Tell me, Eden, how much you love the way I fuck you.”

But Coop’s words have the power to ignite climax, as evidenced by the one I had just a few minutes ago when he brought his mouth to my ear, bit my lobe, and growled, “You have the tightest, sweetest pussy I’ve ever fucked, Eden, and I can’t wait to feel it trembling all around me when you come.”

And oh man, did I come.

Right then.

Coop hissed, “Yes,” as I cried out, bucked, and then indeed shook all over while he continued to thrust in and out of me.

I feel another one building as well, and I’ve never had a second orgasm come on as fast before. Coop’s fingers strum between my legs, sometimes pushing hard on my clit so I can feel his dick slide against it from inside, causing my pleasure center to draw inward and tighten. This second one is going to blow even harder, I can just tell.

“Goddamn you feel good, Eden,” Coop grunts as he pushes me forward. My hands go out and land on the mattress, and Coop takes me by the hips. He slams in deep, hits that sweet spot inside of me, and I splinter apart. My back arches and I toss my head back, my long hair probably slapping Coop in the face. I don’t care because I’m completely overwhelmed as my body shudders its release while Coop pounds into me.

“So. Fucking. Good.” Coop punctuates with a thrust timed to each word.

He drives in one last time, goes absolutely still, and then lets out a long groan of pure male satisfaction as he comes.

My body trembles as he starts moving again. Lazy, gentle small strokes inside of me, causing little bursts of pleasure. His body comes down on my back heavy, pressing me into the mattress. His cock still works inside of me as he grinds in circles against my ass, and with one last hard push against me, he finally collapses, rolling us to our sides.

Coop’s arms slide around me, pulling me back into him. His chin comes to my shoulder and he asks, “So . . . how was rebound sex?”

“Man, was it good,” I tell him as I bring my arms to rest over his. I laugh and ask, “We didn’t discuss this, but it wasn’t going to be just this one time, was it?”

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