The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #6)

I stand from the bed and start working at my pants. I could just make them disappear with a conjuring spell, but I’m enjoying the way Nyssa’s words trail off as her eyes zero in on my hands.

Stripping has never been a part of foreplay among the fae. We have high sex drives and don’t need much to get ready. It’s a pleasurable release and nothing more, because our hearts rarely have the ability to care for someone.

Not sure if you’d call me lucky, but I had the experience of caring for a human before. Zora begged me to take her virginity, and I did. We were intimate for several years before her sister Finley came to claim and bring her back to the First Dimension.

Yeah, I cared for her and felt the loss when she left, but I don’t recall ever stripping for her. At least not in a way I enjoyed simply because her eyes were pinned on me the way Nyssa’s are right now. Not a shy bone in her body as I slide out of my pants and reveal myself to her.

She stares at my cock, which reacts to her perusal.

“Get naked,” I say, and her eyes jerk up to me.

My turn to watch.

She makes a fast grab for the T-shirt—an article of First Dimension clothing I had Calix acquire for her—and starts to yank it up.

“Slow,” I rumble as I walk toward her. I hold out a hand, and she hesitantly takes it. “Shoes off first.”

Nyssa holds on to me for leverage, toeing the tennis shoes from her feet. I drop her hand and take a slow walk around her. “The rest of it… slowly.”

She lets out a gust of breath and when I’m behind her, she pulls the T-shirt over her head. When it’s free, her chocolate locks—much better than the platinum she arrived in—fall down her slender back.

Her body is as it was when she died, too thin and clearly malnourished. I’ll need to see that she eats more.

I move around to her side, and her neck twists as she watches me. My eyes drop to her breasts as she’s not wearing a bra. I don’t know if it was an oversight on Calix’s part or if she chose not to wear one, but I’m pleased with what I’m looking at right now. Her breasts are small by ordinary standards, but given her small frame, they look fucking perfect on her.

“The rest of it,” I say quietly, moving to her front.

Her fingers go to the button on her jeans, which are baggy on her, and the zipper slides down. She shimmies them off, not bothering to take her panties along. Stepping out of the denim, Nyssa stands straight to stare at me, mostly naked but with the sexiest bit of lace scrap between her legs. If I paid Calix for his work, I’d give him a raise for choosing those panties.

She hooks her thumbs in the strings at her hips, but I shake my head. “I’ll do it.”

I step into Nyssa, my head bent and eyes locked on hers. My fingers graze the edge of her panties before they dip in. She trembles as I pull them down her thighs. I’m on my knees before her as I pull free the lacy strip, my wings spreading outward so they don’t bend on the floor.

Nyssa gasps, and I look up at her. She’s staring at my wings, first the left and then the right, branching out and away from my body. Her hands go to my shoulders, then up to the arches to stroke outward.

My wings are such an inherent part of me, and because I’m so attracted to Nyssa, just her innocent touch makes me hard. Every stroke I feel in my cock.

Bringing my hands to her ass, I pull her into me and bury my face between her legs. Nyssa shrieks as I give a long swipe of my tongue up her center, her hands going from my wings to the back of my head to hold me to her.

But I’m not going anywhere. Despite her dark soul, she tastes like fucking sunshine. Gripping her ass hard, I worship her with my mouth, listening intently to every little moan, relishing the bite of her nails in my scalp.

Giving thanks up to the God who kicked me out of Heaven when she breaks apart with a sob of my name and a buck of her hips against me.

Fucking perfect.

I stand, tucking my wings back in. I lift Nyssa in my arms and bring her down on the bed with me right over her. Her eyes are bleary, her chest heaving. She places her hands against my pecs but doesn’t push me away. Merely strokes a thumb over my nipple, and I groan.

I bend down and kiss Nyssa, sliding my tongue along hers, and the act seems deeply intimate. I’ve kissed exactly two human women in my lifetime—Zora, and Thalia’s mother—and neither one was like this.

It was always a means to an end—sex and release—but with Nyssa, I feel like I could lie here for hours with my mouth on hers.

That is until her hand slides down my stomach and she grips my cock. I groan as she squeezes and then strokes, and the dangerous demon inside threatens to bust loose.

Wrenching my lips from hers, I stare down at her. I know my eyes are glowing, but she stares right back at me without a lick of fear.

I wrap my hand around hers and force her to squeeze me harder as I guide myself to her wet heat. Nyssa’s legs wrap around my waist, just under the edges of my wings.

I kiss her once more, swallowing every noise she makes as I swivel my hips and work myself into her tightness. She writhes and undulates under me, uttering mewling noises of need.

When I’m fully seated, the pressure is so intense that my wings involuntarily spring outward, flaring wide and moving lazily up and down. Nyssa gasps, eyes wide as she watches them.

With her legs already locked behind me, I put an arm under her and lift my wings as high as I can, the muscles in my back stretching. I draw them down hard, causing a current of air to lift us both off the mattress just a few inches. I pull out of her slightly before we fall back down, and the force of it causes me to drive deep into her.

She cries out, and I worry I’ve hurt her until she says, “Do that again.”

Grinning, I run my nose over her jaw. “Some other time. I want to go slow now.”

My wings settle, and my hips move. Nyssa seems to like that, too, as her legs tighten on me and she bites down hard onto her lip.

I fuck her slowly, fusing my mouth to hers. My hands wander over the softness of her skin, and I attune myself to every little motion and noise she makes. I open my senses, lock onto her heartbeat, and marvel that mine thumps just as hard and fast, keeping tempo with hers.

As king of the Underworld and the mightiest Dark Fae in the world, I should be able to last a lot longer, but damn if my connection to her doesn’t overwhelm my senses.

Nyssa arches her back, and she doesn’t have to say a damn thing. I can feel she’s close to another orgasm. I can actually feel the heat of it curl inward, can feel her entire body tighten with anticipation. I thrust into her harder, and the little minx bites my shoulder in retaliation.

Or maybe it’s gratitude because she groans, “Amell… I’m so close. So, so close.”

Once again, my inner demon that wants to conquer every bit of her rages and demands to be let loose, but I hold back. I don’t want to scare or hurt her.

Odd, as I’ve never had to hold it back before—neither with fae nor human. But Nyssa… she draws on my darkness.

I gather her in tight and kiss her hard, my hips punching against hers as I can feel my own release sneaking up on me. I have the power to hold it off but fuck if I want to. I’m ready to dive as soon as she tumbles over.

Nyssa wrenches her mouth from mine, turning her head to the side. “It’s too much. Too much.”

Am I hurting her? I slow down.

Her eyes spring open, and she clasps my face. “Don’t you dare stop. It’s too much in a good way.”

Smiling, I capture her mouth again, and she locks her arms around my neck. I have no clue the time that elapses. It could be seconds or hours, but I fuck Nyssa like I’ve never fucked a living creature before.

Nyssa bucks and arches and bites down hard on my lip as she comes. The feel of her rippling is my downfall, and my orgasm rips through me, pleasure as hot as the Crimson River flooding my veins.

“Fuck,” I rasp out, my head dropping to Nyssa’s shoulder in what feels like a never-ending tidal wave of pleasure. It’s so forceful, I lose sense of anything around me, other than the pulses of euphoria that cause my hips to continue bucking against her.

“It’s not stopping,” Nyssa moans as she clings to me. Through our connection, I feel her pleasure still raging, and I think it’s causing mine to do the same.

I force myself to stop moving and pull my weight off her a bit. I look down to find this beautiful woman absolutely wrecked. I can see it in the slackness of her face, the flush of pleasure across her breasts, and the dreaminess in her eyes.

Pride swells within that I did that to her.

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