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Whew…what ISN’T on sale?

Dax (ebook and audio)

Tacker (ebook and audio)

Dominik (ebook and audio)

Wylde (ebook and audio)

Kane (ebook and audio)

Steele (ebook and audio)

Jett (ebook and audio)

Riggs (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Genesis (ebook and audio) <– ebook is FREE!

Code Name: Sentinel (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Heist (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Hacker (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Ghost (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Rook (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Grace (ebook)

Code Name: Tiara (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Disavowed (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Revenge (ebook and audio)

Code Name: Omega (ebook and audio)

Wicked Fall (ebook and audio)

Wicked Lust (ebook and audio)

Wicked Need (ebook and audio)

Wicked Ride (ebook and audio)

Wicked Bond (ebook and audio)

Wicked Favor (ebook and audio)

Wicked Wish (ebook and audio)

Wicked Envy (ebook and audio)

Wicked Wedding (ebook and audio)

Wicked Choice (ebook and audio)

Wicked Knight (ebook and audio)

Wicked Angel (ebook and audio)

Wicked Secret (ebook and audio)

Wicked Billionaire (ebook and audio)

The Clash of Yesterday (ebook)

The Revelation of Light and Dark (ebook)

A Discovery of Secrets and Fate (ebook)

The Evolution of Fae and Gods (ebook)

A Battle of Blood and Stone (ebook)

The Rise of Fortune and Fury (ebook)

The Shadow Princess (ebook)

Uncivilized (ebook and audio)

Love: Uncivilized (ebook)

If I Return (ebook)

The Hard Truth About Sunshine (ebook and audio)

Atticus (ebook and audio)

Finding Kyle (ebook and audio)

Baden (ebook) <— ebook is FREE!

Stone (ebook)

Gage (ebook)

Coen (ebook)

Ain’t He Precious? (ebook)

Stubborn as a Mule (ebook)

Barking Up the Wrong Tree (ebook)

Pretty as a Peach (ebook)

Gimme Some Sugar (ebook)

Off Sides (ebook)

Off Limits (ebook)

Off the Record (ebook)

Off Course (ebook)

Off Chance (ebook)

Off Season (ebook)

Off Duty (ebook)

On the Rocks (ebook)

Make It a Double (ebook)

Sugar on the Edge (ebook)

With a Twist (ebook)

Shaken Not Stirred (ebook)

Legal Affairs (ebook and audio)

Confessions of a Litigation God (ebook and audio)

Clash (ebook and audio)

Grind (ebook and audio)

Yield (ebook and audio)

Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll (ebook and audio)

The Pecker Briefs (ebook and audio)

Sex in the Sticks (audio)

Jilted (audio)

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