HAWKE is interviewed by DASH WALLACE (HardBall, by C.D. Reiss)

Hawke Therrien (HAWKE, Cold Fury #5) recently sat down with Dash Wallace (HardBall, by C.D. Reiss) to answer questions about hockey and life. Read the interview below, then keep scrolling to see who else Dash sat down to interview, and enter the giveaway (includes FOUR $25 gift cards and signed paperbacks)!

HAWKE coverI’m a baseball player, as you know, so I’m curious about how it works in hockey culture. We have a lot of superstitions that get us through- are there any pregame rituals you guys use?

I don’t really have a lot of pregame rituals, but I do keep my drinking to a minimum the day before a game. There is nothing worse than hitting the ice with a hangover.

How would your most hated opponent describe you?

Probably with a lot of 4-letter words. I am a competitor, and I don’t like to lose under any circumstances. If you get between me and what I want, you better watch your back. Just ask Vale’s ex.

Any big games on your radar? Rivalries, championships, etc.?

They’re all big games for me. In baseball, you’ve got the World Series, and in hockey, we’ve got the Stanley Cup. Everything we do during the season is in preparation for the playoffs, and the end goal is always the same: win the Cup.

Girlfriends? It’s hard to find time between practice, games, and travel, isn’t it?

Vale and I are in a unique situation, because she works for the Cold Fury. We get to see each other a lot more frequently as a result, though we try to keep it professional. Most of the time. Some of the time. Okay, that is totally hard for me. Have you seen how hot she is??

Work hard, play hard? Yes or no.


If your local sandwich shop was going to name a sandwich after you, what would be on it? Mine would probably be called the ADD, and it’d be ten different sandwiches because I just don’t have the patience for hey! Look at that car….

It would be long, thick, and taste delicious. I’m thinking a foot long, stacked with plenty of meat and cheese, and definitely some jalapenos (because I’ve got a little kick).

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