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Off Sides Update

OffSidesThumbnailShadowThe past few days have been crazy!  I’ve had so many positive comments about Off Sides and I’m walking on air.  I am publishing an updated edition that corrects a few mistakes in the editing. The one that was driving me the nuts was at the very last minute before publication, I changed the word “champagne” to “Dom Perignon” except I mispelled it “Doom”.  I’m normally a huge stickler for proofing/ editing and I can’t believe this blatant mistake made it through.  I know something else has probably been missed and it’s easy to correct if someone brings to my attention.  So that has been done and is being re-released.

Most importantly…I have had a huge outcry for more of Danny and Ryan.  And I’m so glad because I’m not ready to let them go either. I’ve been brewing some ideas and I think a book about Ryan’s sister Emily is in order, and I will make sure there is plenty of Danny and Ryan to satisfy those who want to know what happened. I realize in hindsight (and from the numerous comments from fans) that I should have done an epilogue.  However, I can argue (I’m a lawyer after all) that had I put the epilogue in, I may not have been incited to write a follow up book.

I’m deep into writing my sequel to Forever Young (my YA paranormal) but I am going to go ahead and start a follow up to Off Sides.  Does Danny go back to Julliard?  Does Ryan go on to play in the NHL?  Who knows…but stay tuned to find out.



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