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Book Cover Reveal – Forever Young

Forever Young by Sawyer Bennett
Forever Young by Sawyer Bennett

After polling beta readers and other authors, I’ve finally finished my book cover for Forever Young.  This is the first book in my young adult paranormal series, The ForeverLand Chronicles.  Loosely based off of the story of Peter Pan, this novel follows the indomitable Charlie Wright, an orphan who finds herself in the mysterious land of Semper Terra.  With immortal youth on her side and a prophecy to fulfill, she will enter into a perilous battle against dark daimons who threaten to overtake our planet.  Lending his strength and fortitude to Charlie’s cause, handsome immortal, Caiden Gallagher complicates matters of the heart.  Join me on this adventure. I’m sure you’ll love Charlie as much as I loved writing about her.

Release Date:  2/2/13 on Amazon

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