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The Ruin of Gods: A Chronicles of the Stone Veil Novel

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Releasing April 11, 2023

He’s a demigod created to serve at the will of the gods. She was raised in the pits of hell and is now the god of Life, and therefore commands death. Maddox is determined to win more than just her body, but Zora knows nothing of love and affection.  Will Maddox walk away from the challenge or is he willing to die to get what he wants?

The Ruin of Gods is a standalone romantic fantasy novel about finding love where you least expect it within The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series.

A fantasy/paranormal romance series comprised of an epic five-book tale meant to be read in series order, with intertwined, supporting standalone novels/novella. The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series features strong character development of both the human and otherworldly, combined with vivid scenery, a touch of suspense, and sweeping romances.

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