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The Riven Thief (Chronicles of the Stone Veil, Book #9)

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Magic is a potent and unpredictable thing. Closely guarded by those who have access, in the hands of evil, it can render deadly consequences. When it’s discovered that an extremely powerful spellbook has been stolen, Kieran Dunne is tasked with heading up the mission to track and retrieve it. Turning to Annika Foss for help, a thief renowned across dimensions, it becomes a race against time to get The Book of Shadows back where it belongs. But secrets are sometimes as calamitous as magic, and the consequences can be just as deadly.

The Riven Thief is a standalone romantic fantasy novel within The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series.

A fantasy/paranormal romance series comprised of an epic five-book tale meant to be read in series order, with intertwined, supporting standalone novels/novella. The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series features strong character development of both the human and otherworldly, combined with vivid scenery, a touch of suspense, and sweeping romances.

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