The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #13)

“She’s a caterer, not a servant,” she grits out.

Shrugging carelessly, I walk up to her. Her blue eyes sizzle with electric menace. “Nope. Your tone of voice suggested servant. You really do have it down quite nicely… the way you’re able to look down your nose at everyone.”

“I most certainly don’t look down my nose at everyone,” she fumes.

“Most everyone,” I concede as I lean in toward her, giving her a wink and a cheerful smile. While I may not know Macy all that well, I do know her well enough that she can’t stand when I’m in a happy mood while baiting her.

“You’re an asshole, Cal,” she says tightly, her cheeks turning pink again.

“You’re a drama queen, Macy,” I mimic her tone.

“Little boy playing in a big man’s world,” she says with menace as she steps in toward me and jabs a finger in my chest.

“Loose tart humping anything that moves,” I volley back at her maliciously, and I swear her eyes go nuclear with fury. Oddly… that makes my cock start to stiffen.

“Bah,” she says mockingly, but I don’t fail to notice the way her chest is rapidly rising and falling. “At least I know how to satisfy. I bet you wouldn’t know your way around a woman with a medical textbook and Dr. Ruth giving you play-by-play instructions.”

“You satisfy?” I say with a dubious laugh. “Didn’t you hear the part where I said you were frigid?”

“I’m sure I could produce a better orgasm than your little limp, needle dick,” she says with another sharp jab into my chest.

And okay… that does it. No one jabs me in the chest, makes a genuine insult to my dick, and gets away with it. Especially not someone like Macy Carrington.

My hand shoots out so fast that Macy actually squeaks in surprise. “Dare you to call it a fucking needle dick now,” I taunt her.

My fingers circle her hand and I jerk it hard toward my crotch, pressing her palm against my cock that’s growing larger by the hate-spewing second.

She gasps, not in surprise but rather in pleasure, and her fingers curl reflexively around my shaft. She squeezes me hard, and that’s all it takes for me to go fully erect.

I clamp my hand down over hers forcefully and force her to move her hand up and down my cock. “Admit it’s not a needle dick,” I rasp out as I urge her to create more friction against me.

Macy’s eyes continue to glow, but this time, it’s not filled with ice but rather erotic heat. She even moans a little, but then she whispers with a devious grin, “Needle dick.”

I stare at her a moment, her eyes intent with challenge while she continues to stroke me through the khaki material.

Game fucking on.

I give her a sinful smile of my own. “I’m so going to make you eat those words,” I tell her before I bring my other hand up behind her head and pull her to me. My lips crush hers in a brutal kiss meant to conquer and dominate. I push her mouth open with mine and shove my tongue inside, relishing another tiny moan she gives me along with a harder squeeze on my cock.

Fuck, she feels good.

Lips silky soft, breath minted sweetly, and her delicate fingers giving me a damn good hand job at the moment. I’ll stop kissing her if she just takes back the “needle dick” insult. If she admits I’ve got a glorious cock, which I know I do, I’ll let her go.

But she doesn’t say a word. Instead, she kisses me back hard. I don’t have time to bemoan the loss of her hand on my dick because just as soon as she releases me, both hands come to my shoulders and with a little jump, she’s in my arms and her legs are wrapped around my waist. The white sundress she’s wearing hikes up high, and I know this because my hands come up to grasp onto a toned ass with silky, smooth skin. My fingers arch inward and fuck… she’s not wearing any underwear. My fingers graze slightly against warm, smooth pussy, and my own cock starts to throb in pain.

“Pantry,” Macy gasps into my mouth, except with her lips against mine it sounds like “Mam-free”. Even though most of the blood has drained from my brain down to my erection, I understand what she’s saying and I pull away from the kiss to look around.

“Right there,” Macy says as she inclines her head past my shoulder. I turn swiftly, still holding her tight under her ass, and see a wooden door beside the large, sub-zero fridge. Two strides… I’m there and one hand has it quickly opened while the other holds my prize pressed hard against me.

When I step inside, Macy reaches back with one arm and pulls the door behind us, flicking on a switch by the door. A single light overhead illuminates a huge ass pantry filled with more food than could possibly feed this family in times of nuclear war. But that’s the only thought I give to my current location because Macy gyrates her hips and pushes her sweet, wet core hard against my cock.

“Get your pants open,” Macy commands as she presses her breasts against my chest hard and wraps her arms tightly around my neck. She tilts her head to the side and bites my earlobe forcefully.

My head starts swimming with a lust so tormenting, it borders on sadistic. I start sucking in hungry lungfuls of oxygen, spinning toward the closed door and pinning Macy up against it. Her arms tighten around my neck as I release my hold on her ass, my fingers scrabbling to get my button and zipper open while she squeezes me hard with her legs.

“Hurry,” she urges me with a whispered moan.

“Fuck,” I pant out when my fingers slip off my zipper but then make purchase again. I manage to get my shorts opened and pushed down past my balls, my dick so hard it’s pointed skyward. It’s pointing right at Macy’s bare pussy hovering just a few inches above it.

While my instinct is to ram my way inside of her, I dial it back a notch, and instead drag a finger through her wet folds. Macy jerks in my arms, moaning, and that causes my balls to throb with need. I thrust a finger into her, pull it back, and then thrust two in its place, pleased to find her drenched already.

“Come on, Saint Cal,” she taunts me through breathless pants. “Skip the foreplay… you can feel I don’t need it.”

I’m sick of her fucking jabs at me. I’m certainly no fucking saint, just as she sure as shit isn’t the frigid bitch I’ve been calling her.

She doesn’t want any foreplay?

She just wants to be fucked?


My hands come to Macy’s waist and I slam her down hard while my pelvis thrusts up, causing my cock to bury deep inside her wet warmth. Even as wet as I felt her to be, I know that had to sting a little because I, in fact, do not have a needle dick.

“Oooooohhhh.” Macy lets out a long, tortured moan.

“Where’s your needle dick, now?” I growl in her ear just before I pull my cock out of her, only to slam it right back in again. I tunnel into her tight pussy so hard that the entire pantry door shakes from the force of it, the back of her head bouncing against the wood.

I cut a quick glance to Macy’s face, see her in the throes of immense pleasure, and I’m satisfied it didn’t give her a concussion.

I don’t need Macy to give me a concession now. I don’t need her to apologize for her slander against my cock. That moan she gave me when I pounded home was all I needed for vindication.

So I start to fuck her up against the pantry door, making sure that she won’t ever forget the length and girth of my dick.

And Christ… she fucking feels amazing. Tight. Wet. So fucking warm.

“That’s the way,” she whispers in my ear before baring her teeth and biting the outer edge again.

Jesus… that hurts, so I slam into her harder.

She answers by slipping her hands into the collar of my shirt and digging her nails into my shoulders, and damn… I’m pretty sure she drew blood.

I fuck her harder, to show her who’s in charge, and then I’m completely blown away because not thirty seconds into our fuck fest, Macy’s body stiffens in my arms and her muscles contract hard around me as she starts to come. She cries out, digging her nails deeper into my skin, and oh yeah… it turns me on that she apparently likes it a little rough and at how fast she just came.

Lurching, slamming, thrusting upward, I fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her up against the pantry door, not giving a damn if anyone is in the kitchen and can hear us. I chase the end of the orgasm rainbow and with one tremendously deep push, I start to unload inside of her.

A tortured groan bubbles up from my throat, my forehead falls to her shoulder, and my body spasms from the intense pleasure overload. I seem to come for an eternity in what may be the longest orgasm in my life as well as most certainly the quickest, hardest fuck of my life.

I relax my grip from Macy’s waist so I can lower her to the ground but rather than release her hold around my hips with her legs, she tightens them. Lifting my head from her shoulder, I look at her.

She stares at me with hot challenge. “Keep going.”

“What?” I ask, dumbfounded.

Macy does something then… something inside her pussy that causes her muscles to grip onto my half-hard cock and start massaging it back to life. She rotates her hips and grinds herself against me.

“Keep fucking me,” she commands.

Jesus Christ, this woman is something else.

Even as it’s on the tip of my tongue to deny her… to tell her that there’s no way I can go again so soon, she leans forward and sucks gently on my earlobe for a second, then murmurs in a sexy, raspy voice, “I want to milk your cock again.”


I become consumed with lust for this woman. Swelling fast and brutally hard inside of her, my hips involuntarily slam upward. She gives a husky laugh of triumph and praises me, “Just like that, baby.”

So I give it to her again… just like that.

Thrusting in and out of her with long, deep strokes.

Sweat pops out on my forehead, and I’m almost dizzy with how much I want to come again inside of her. Macy smells so fucking good too. It’s that damn, addictive shampoo I’m smelling because her cheek is pressed to mine and my harsh pants are ruffling her soft, red hair.

“Fuck me with your tongue,” Macy murmurs as her fingers drift up into my hair and give a hard jerk.

Groaning because I love a woman that talks dirty, I pull my head back and find her lips with my own. She immediately opens that sweet, wet mouth to me, and I do as she asks. I start to fuck her with my tongue.

We kiss deep and frantically, our teeth scraping against each other. Her tongue is confident… bold… it spars with my own in a fight that neither of us really wants to lose. My hips move faster and faster, creating hellishly sweet friction between my cock and her pussy. Macy moans. I groan.

Feels so fucking incredible.

With a sudden push backward, Macy lifts her lips and says, “Let me down.”

What? Fuck no.

I keep pounding into her with a feral snarl.

Her hands come to my shoulders, her legs unlatch from around my hips, and she pushes back at me again.

“Let me down,” Macy repeats, this time sternly and with such conviction, I immediately pull my cock out of her and let her slide out of my grasp.

“What’s wrong?” I ask hesitantly, almost fearing that she’s going to cry rape or something.

Instead, she surprises the shit out of me by grabbing at my waist and spinning us both around so the pantry door is now at my back. After giving me a hard push so my shoulder blades ram into the door, she drops to her knees and encircles my dick with her delicate fingers. She looks up at me, blinking through long eyelashes, and smiles. “I want to show you that I most certainly am not a frigid woman.”


“I’m going to suck your cock, Cal,” she says simply. “Got a problem with it?”

“Fuck no,” I blurt out, flexing my hips so my cock slides through her grasp. Chuckling, she squeezes me maybe a little too hard, but I’m finding that Macy likes to dish out a little pain with her fucking, and it’s kind of a turn on.

Macy opens her mouth, her lips wet from our kissing, and sucks the tip of my cock into her mouth, which is wet from her juices and my semen. She lets her tongue wiggle on the underside, right at the base of the mushroomed head, right at that sweet spot that fucking drives me wild. She sucks me quick like a lollipop, and then pulls her mouth back. I come free with a resounding, “Pop”.

When she looks back up at me, for the first time, I see a bit of a serious hint in her eyes. “I know this will be the nicest thing you’ve ever heard me say about you,” she says softly. “But you have one beautiful cock. It might be the nicest I’ve ever seen.”

My lips curve upward as my hands come up to cradle her face. “So I’m not a needle dick, huh?”

She shakes her head with a smirk on her face. “Most definitely not.”

“You’re not frigid either,” I feel compelled to say. Because at this moment, I think Macy Carrington may be the hottest, most sexually stimulating woman I’ve ever been with in my life.

She gives me a nod of acknowledgment, and it’s clear that whatever is going on right now in this pantry, we’ve both agreed to let our snarky insults toward each other rest for a bit.

And suddenly, I’m back in her mouth, and she takes me really fucking deep. I can feel her throat tighten and constrict around the tip of my cock, the woman clearly having absolutely no gag reflex. I’m too long to fit all the way in, but she more than makes up for it with hard jerks and squeezes with her hand around the base of my shaft.

Christ, she’s an amazing cocksucker. Perfect, actually. Nice, deep pulls, lovely scraping of teeth at times, and she alternates stroking my cock and balls. My hands grip her head tight, and then I decide to see what she can really do. I start thrusting counter to her moves, making myself go deeper than she’s taken me so far, but Macy handles it like a champ. She moans as I fuck her mouth, her fingers starting to stroke that sensitive skin just behind my balls.

And yeah… that right there… not going to last long at all.

“Wait a minute,” I pant out as I try to pull her head away from me. She sucks harder, causing my eyes to roll back into my head for a moment. I give in to the sensation briefly, but then give a sharp tug against her hair. “Stop, Macy.”

Pulling my hips back, I slip out of her mouth, my cock immediately springing upward… reaching for the sky. “You need to slow down—”

She ignores me and starts licking all around the underside of my dick. My head falls back against the pantry door, and I stare up at the overhead light. That wicked tongue of hers laps at me. Then she takes me in her mouth again, giving a hard, suctioning pull against my flesh.

My eyes involuntarily squeeze shut, but I manage to croak out, “Macy… let me fuck you again. I want you to get off too.”

I actually feel her smile against my dick, and then she pulls away. “I’ve got it covered, baby.”

Eyes popping open, I look down at her. Really look down at her, past those beautiful lips that are red and puffy, and right down between her legs.

Where her one hand is buried… and moving.

“Are you fingering yourself?” I ask, astonished, and so goddamned turned on.

She nods and even though her dress is bunched up and covering most of her goods, I can slightly see her fingers rubbing circles over her clit.

“Fuck… fuck,” I groan. “Fuck, that’s sexy.”

With a quick, knowing smile, she leans forward and takes my cock in her mouth again, sucking me in deep. My hands come back up to her head and I resume my thrusting pace, keeping my head tilted to the side so I can watch her masturbating.

Without a doubt… Macy is a freak sexually, and that is exactly the type of woman that gets my motor revving.

Macy rubs furiously against herself and I fuck her mouth, admiring her more and more as she lets me down into her throat. This is the Best. Head. Ever.

Vibrations start buzzing all around my cock, and I realize that Macy is moaning.

I realize… Macy is coming, and I can feel it while she sucks my cock.

Thrusting just a bit faster into her mouth, I feel my own muscles in my lower back start to contract. I’m so fucking close and yet… I don’t want this to end. I wonder if she can get herself off again before I blow.

I try to slow the pace down, but Macy isn’t having any of his. She starts bobbing her head faster, creating a furious friction against my dick, her hand still stroking and squeezing me hard around the base. I actually jerk hard against her, lodging a bit deeper into her mouth when I feel her other hand come up and start massaging my balls.

Nope. She’s not going to keep playing with herself, preferring to give me her mouth, tongue, teeth, and both hands.

She moves against me faster.

Her fingers on my balls are slick with our combined juices and she skims them backward across that deliciously sensitive skin. She keeps going, right toward my ass, and I groan when I feel her tentatively push a tip to my tight hole.

“Don’t,” I groan, my ass cheeks clenching. I’ve never had that done before, and why I’m telling her “don’t” is beyond me, because the idea of it’s thrilling.

She insistently pushes against me, giving a little sob of frustration against my dick. That’s all it takes for me to spread my legs as wide as they can go with my shorts around my thighs and relax my ass muscles.

I get a moan of approval, and she slips a wet finger into my ass.

Holy fuck.



I can’t describe—

She crooks her finger and starts rubbing it against something inside of me. My hips jerk hard and my ass cheeks squeeze reflexively, this time trying to draw her deeper into me.

My orgasm immediately starts firing up and I actually stop thrusting against her, so intent on focusing on this new feeling of whatever the hell she’s doing to the inside of my ass. Macy doesn’t let up on me though, merely taking over and starting to bob fast against me, sucking hard… sucking deep. Stroking, stroking, stroking her finger inside my ass.

And then I’m coming so hard, I actually cry out in an almost painful release. Macy answers by pressing hard inside my rectum, and fuck… I actually orgasm again… I think… I’m not sure, but another wave of release speeds through me while she continues to suck every drop I give her down.

My knees start to buckle, and I reach a blind hand out to grasp onto a shelf to my left for support.

I realize my chest is heaving, and tingles of pleasure are igniting all over my body. My cock jerks in Macy’s mouth, and I actually groan in disappointment when she pulls her finger from me.

Then she pulls her head back and my cock… which is limp and lifeless right now… slips out of her mouth.

I’m utterly exhausted and spent. I want to sink to the floor right now and go to sleep for a thousand years. If I had the strength, I’d give Macy a pat on the head and tell her that’s the best fucking sex I’ve ever had, but I don’t think I can move my arms.

Macy, on the other hand, seems rejuvenated. She springs to her feet and gives me an amused smile.

“Agree I’m not frigid?” she asks sweetly.

I can only nod at her dumbly.

She leans in and grazes her lips over my cheek. Damn, her shampoo smells good, and I want to turn my face and bury it in her hair. But she pulls back swiftly and says, “That was fun, Cal. I don’t do repeats, but I think I might just make an exception for you. If you want to hook up some time in the future, just give me a call.”

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