The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #10)

I knew the chances of seeing Avril or Dane here tonight would be high. I knew that I risked walking into a room and seeing them experience the ultimate in pleasure, but when I walked into The Orgy Room not a minute ago, I didn’t expect to see them together.

The Orgy Room is dimly lit with focused ceiling lights that beam down on the various pieces of furniture where people have sex. Once your eyes become accustomed to the lighting, it’s easy to see what goes on. I had walked the perimeter of the room, checking out the action.

I knew I wanted to come tonight to give this another shot. I wanted to do it because my two best friends are finding something here that makes them happy, and well… I want happy. It’s something that has eluded me over the years as I’ve waited to find the right woman. I’m thirty-seven and it hasn’t happened yet, so I figure it’s time to try something new.

Avril and Dane don’t think I’m cut out for this lifestyle, and I don’t know if they’re right or wrong. I just know I have to try or else I’ll always wonder.
Nothing, however, could prepare me for seeing Dane and Avril together. There’s a reclining double chaise lounge, padded with thick vinyl, and they are both completely naked. My first instinct is to bolt out of here, because I feel like I’m intruding on something intensely personal. But just as quickly, I dismiss that because nothing can be intensely personal when you’re fucking in a room known for its orgies.

Entranced, I watch as they kiss and fondle each other. They must have just gotten started. Dane has his hand working between her legs and she’s stroking his cock, which is rock hard.

My cock is rock hard I realize as I continue around the edge of the room to get a different view.

I feel completely weird as I find a place against the wall where I can lean against it and watch. They’re ten feet from me, completely immersed in each other, and my dick feels like concrete. I’m reminded of that night weeks ago when I watched Avril get fucked, and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me that I can be so turned on by that. Watching her with Dane is a million times more intense.

I should be running away and pretending I never saw this. Not sure how I’ll look them in the face on Monday at the office, but that’s not enough of a risk to have my feet moving. Instead, they stay firmly planted while I squeeze my hands into fists to prevent myself from jacking off.

As much as I’m fascinated and turned on, there’s a tiny kernel of jealousy starting to brew deep down as I watch Dane’s fingers pumping in and out of Avril. She and I shared something that night we watched each other, and it was outside the bonds of just friendship. It was sexual. There was a connection, but I never would have thought to act on it. I’m not sure whether I hate Dane or admire him for pushing past something I couldn’t.

But really… I can’t hate him or her. They’re both enjoying what they’re doing, and I can tell by the way their hands are moving and the way they are kissing that this isn’t the first time they’ve been together. They obviously have a connection, and the only way I could ever begrudge that is if our friendship gets ruined.
It might. But it might not.

All I know is I’m rooted to the spot, unable to look away and knowing when I do finally jack off or fuck someone else in here, I’m going to come harder than I probably ever have before.

Neither of them seem to be in a hurry to get off, slowly and lazily touching each other, and it’s driving me crazy. I consider finding someone in here to fuck, just so I can get off, but then I’m surprised when Dane rears up and spins Avril so her back is along the reclining portion, which has her facing me. Dane spreads her legs wide. My eyes go straight to her pussy, which is glistening wet. My view is immediately obstructed as Dane drops to his stomach and presses his face right into her. My cock jumps as Avril’s back arches in pleasure, and I have no choice but to adjust myself, stroking myself lightly over my jeans.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Dane’s head moves back and forth as he eats Avril’s pussy, and it’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. My mouth waters, and that little kernel of jealousy expands a tiny bit. Part of me wants to clap Dane on the back, but the other part wants to pull him off her so I can get her off with my tongue.

It takes no time at all and Avril’s head shoots up as her hands go to Dane’s head where she fists chunks of his hair. She cries out her release as her hips rotate to create more friction between his mouth and her clit. He keeps at her, and I can hear her say “stop” as she pulls on his head.

And as soon as his head lifts to look at her, Avril’s gaze shifts past him to land directly on me. It happens all in an instant, but it seems like I watch it in slow motion.

Her eyes go wide with shock followed by a flood of guilt within those blue irises. I only get contrition for a second at most before flames leap in her eyes as she realizes I just watched Dane eat her out and there’s a part of her that likes it.

Avril murmurs something I can’t hear, but Dane does, because he’s pushing up and turning to look over his shoulder at me. There’s no guilt on his face at all, but I see an openness I’d expect if I were to walk into a bar to meet him for a long overdue drink together.

Leaning to the side so she can see past Dane, Avril then does the absolute unthinkable. She lifts her arm, turns her palm upward, and holds it out to me. Her eyes are hot and fevered. When I glance at Dane, I can see he’s turned on by the prospect of what Avril is silently offering me right now.

She’s beckoning me to play with them, and my conscience finally decides to rear its ugly head. I move to take a step backward only to be brought up short by the wall to my back. Dane’s face turns troubled, and Avril pushes off the chaise to walk toward me.

My eyes roam all over her body as she comes my way, my first completely unfettered view of her as I couldn’t see much of her body that night we both fucked other people in here. She’s stunning… breasts heavy with tight nipples and cropped blond hair on her pussy that’s slightly darker in the middle because it’s wet. My cock starts aching as she gets closer, and I feel like a deer caught in the headlights.

Avril steps right up to me, and my eyes come up to meet hers.

“Please join us,” she whispers, and I don’t mistake the plea in her voice. I’m not sure if this is out of guilt they’ve been caught or she truly wants me, but I’m so fucking horny at this point, I’m not sure I even care. Somewhere in the back of my mind, something is screaming at me to move cautiously and take heed, but this is Avril standing in front of me.

A woman I’ve loved for a long time in the same way that Dane has loved her.

The look in her eyes is asking me to love her in a different way right now.

“Is this wrong?” I ask her.

“It’s not to me,” she murmurs, and I want her to touch me so bad. If she touches me, my decision will be made.

She doesn’t, though, and I know she wants me to walk on my own accord the rest of the way.

I look past her to Dane. He’s now standing beside the chaise, his erection standing tall. Nothing about the woman whose pussy he just ate inviting me to join them is turning him off. He gives me a nod, telling me it’s okay.

But nothing about this is okay.

My two best friends.

My two best platonic friends.

Standing naked and asking me to join them.

“Fuck it,” I mutter just as I reach out to pull Avril to me. She comes easily and steps right into my body, her lips coming straight to mine.

I groan when her tongue breaches my mouth, and my hands go to her ass to pull her against my erection. Avril sighs. It sounds like happiness to me, so I choose to believe I am making her happy.

She works her hands in between us, opening my jeans. When her hand wraps around my cock, my knees go weak. My eyes start to roll, but Dane stepping up behind Avril makes them pop wide. He wraps his arms around her, one hand going to a breast, the other going between her legs. Avril’s hand tightens on my dick, and she strokes me hard as Dane fingers her.

“Kiss me again,” she whispers, and I do without hesitation.

I’m so worked up I’m surprised I’m not spilling in her hand, but the entire scenario is so surreal, I’m having a tough time even processing the feelings.
“Let’s go back to the chaise,” Dane says in a low voice. Before I know it, he’s pulling Avril by the hand that way. She, in turn, takes my hand in hers, regretfully letting go of my dick. The three of us walk in a line back to the furniture that’s just begging for something dirty to take place on it.

Dane, being Dane, takes control and pushes Avril toward the chaise. He positions her head near the low reclining portion so she’s on her hands and knees. I watch mesmerized as he runs a hand down her back, dragging his fingers through the crack of her ass to play lightly at the back of her pussy.

I groan when Dane gives a light slap to the inside of one thigh, then another, prompting her to spread her legs open.

“Fuck her,” Dane tells me softly, but it sounds menacing to me. Like he owns her and he owns me at the same time.

And yet… I can’t help myself.

One knee goes to the chaise, and then another as I position myself behind Avril.

She cranes her neck to look at me over her shoulder, giving me an encouraging yet sexy smile. “Andrew… I want it.”

That’s all my body needs to hear as it takes over the power and control from my brain. I push my jeans down a little and take my cock in my hand. When I press it to her slick opening, a shudder of pure pleasure rips up my spine, and I don’t give a single fuck about one consequence.

I brace with one hand to her hip, and I feed myself into her slowly. Avril’s head drops, and she moans her appreciation of my gift. Holding still within Avril’s cunt, I watch as Dane walks to the head of the chaise and takes Avril by the chin. She opens her mouth willingly, and Dane’s huge cock disappears inside. My hips jerk in reaction to watching as Avril is filled with us both, and I start to move within her.

My movements begin slow, but as Dane increases the pace with which he fucks her mouth, I find myself moving to match him. Avril moans around the cock in her mouth and her pussy flexes around me, causing me to practically see stars. I bring my other hand to her hip and start to pound away inside of her, each stroke causing me to fall further and further into a haze of lust and boiling need to come. In this moment, it matters not that they’re my best friends or that we’re doing the dirtiest thing imaginable.

All I care about is coming. When Dane throws his head back and groans out his release while lodged deep in Avril’s mouth, it’s all I need for my cock to start spilling what seems like buckets inside of her. I come hard, and my head spins from the exquisite pleasure of it. I’ve never experienced anything like it before, and I know it’s because there’s something infinitely filthy about fucking your best friend while your other best friend fucks her at the same time.

Dane pulls his cock out of her mouth and leans down to give her a hard kiss. I stay planted within her, satisfied beyond measure, and yet wondering where in the fuck we go from here.

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