The Naughty List: 25 Days of Sawyer’s Steamiest Scenes (Day #3)


I’m stunned when Bridger’s hands go to the knot of silk holding the belt together at my waist. I tense up, but then Woolf is stepping up behind me. He doesn’t touch me but leans in and murmurs near my ear, “Just relax. You’re getting that threesome you wanted.”

My entire body stiffens, my legs lock hard, and a bolt of fear goes through me. I pull away from Bridger and turn to Woolf with panicked eyes. His hands come to my waist, and he tilts his head in question.

My voice is hoarse and whisper soft. “I’m not ready for… um…”

I can’t say the words. I’m too mortified.

“Relax, baby,” Woolf coos as his hands squeeze me.

Bridger now is the one behind me, and he presses in close. He does, in fact, touch me with the front of his body, and it feels both sinful and wrong that another man is being so intimate with me. He gives the ponytail hanging from the back of my hood a playful tug before placing his lips near my ear. Bridger bares his teeth and bites my lobe briefly before saying, “You most certainly are not ready to take both of us that way, but there are other ways we can all three play together.”

I hadn’t realized I was holding frozen breath in my lungs until Bridger said that, and while his voice always sounds so rough and dangerous, I actually trust this man because I know Woolf trusts him.

In fact, I raise my eyes up to Woolf’s and give him a smile that’s filled with a small measure of confidence. “Okay. Let’s do this.”
What happens next is a maelstrom of sensations, fears, thrills, and pleasures overwhelming my entire being. Woolf pushes me back into Bridger’s arms, and then lazily walks away from me and up to the bar to pour himself a drink. With his back to us, as if he has not a care in the world that I’m in a pair of arms that are not his, he sips at two fingers of bourbon just as Bridger’s hands once again work at the knot to my belted robe.

His body is pouring off a sensuous sort of heat behind me. I can feel the hard muscles of his abdomen and the huge ridge of his erection against my lower back. My gaze darts around the room at the anonymous people watching as Bridger works the robe open and pulls it from my shoulders. I shiver from the cool air and the slide of silk as it falls away. I tremble over the way both men and women are watching me hungrily. But most of all, I start to shudder because Woolf turns around and watches with the eyes of a hawk as Bridger’s large hands come up to palm my breasts, causing me to moan in pleasure. Everything is happening so fast, I don’t even have time to be embarrassed by the fact that I’m putting on a show for these people.

I feel guilty as hell that it feels so good and I’m terrified to show any reaction, because this is all-new territory for me. While I was gung-ho just fifteen minutes ago to dip my feet into the ménage pool, now I’m feeling all kinds of awful that I’m letting another man—that is someone other than Woolf Jennings—touch me.

I’m not sure if he senses it or he just wants in on the action, but Woolf sucks down the rest of his drink and then stalks toward Bridger and me. His eyes do a cursory glance down my body but remain pinned on Bridger’s hands as they massage my breasts.

He steps in close to me.

Tilts his face down.

Looks me in the eye.

“You okay?” he asks so softly, I doubt even Bridger heard it. But what he doesn’t say, and what I see in his eyes, is that it’s okay if another man’s hands feel good on me. Woolf is telling me that in his world… sharing is allowed. I’m not sure how that makes me feel, but because New Callie is determined to go through with this, I put it out of my head.

I give him a tentative nod.

“Good,” he whispers. Then he shocks the shit out of me when his hand comes up and covers Bridger’s hand that is cupping my left breast. He dips his fingers in between Bridger’s palm and my skin and then pushes Bridger’s hand downward, so that Woolf’s knuckles scrape over my nipple. He pushes Bridger’s hand down slowly.




Right in between my legs.

With just a twist of his wrist, Woolf takes Bridger’s hand and has him cupping me, and I most definitely cannot stop the whimper of surprised pleasure that bubbles up out of me. Almost as if it was planned, both Bridger and Woolf press in closer to me, sandwich me in between their big bodies, and the rest of the room is momentarily shut out.

Together, both men start moving their fingers against me. I suck in a deep breath, close my eyes, and just savor the sensations. A finger… no two… press into me, and I slowly open my eyes as I look down.

My knees go loose as I see Bridger’s finger and Woolf’s finger both sliding into me in tandem. It’s the most sinful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and my knees buckle. I’m held up only by Bridger’s strong arm around my chest where he still palms my other breast. This is far more wickedly decadent than when I watched that woman take two men at The Silo. It’s so simple… beautiful… richly depraved, that I know I’m on the path to having the quickest orgasm of my life.

My eyes start to flutter closed but not before I catch a glimpse of the crowd starting to press in on me. The knowledge that they are eager to get a closer look sends a bolt of sizzling pleasure through me while Bridger and Woolf lazily fuck me with just their index fingers. Every bit of potential shame and inherent modesty sort of fade away as I concentrate solely on what these two men are doing to me.

Lips on mine.


I sigh in pleasure from this sweet intimacy helping to balance out the filthiness of giving my body to two different men. It stabilizes me. Grounds me.

I think I’m up for anything.

Suddenly, Woolf’s lips are gone, then his body. My eyes fly open, and I see him step back so he can take off his clothes. I only get a brief glimpse of him peeling his shirt over his head before Bridger has me turned around toward him and is pushing me gently down to my knees. My heart skips a beat… maybe two when he pushes his thumbs into the waistband of his track pants and glides them down his hips. They go all the way down to the floor and he’s stepping his bare feet out of them, but I’m only vaguely aware of this as I stare in fascination at his thick erection sticking up proudly before my face.

One of Bridger’s hands lift, and unlike Woolf who I know would probably gently palm my face, he wraps my ponytail tightly in his grip. His other hand takes his shaft in hand, and he pulls my head forward. I’m able to take a quick peek upward at him, and his eyes are dark and filled with lust as he looks down at me.

I involuntarily lick my lips and his own pull back into a feral smile of appreciation.

Then his cock is in my mouth and the only way I know it feels good to him is a harsh huff of breath he lets out as I tighten around him. An anonymous person to my right whispers, “Suck that cock,” and I do exactly that. For a brief moment, I forget about everything but the man—almost a perfect stranger really—who is in my mouth, tasting deliciously salty and all male, and I give him everything I’ve got.
Bridger’s hand pulls and pushes at my head roughly as he grips my hair, and I can tell just by these simple movements that he would never be a gentle lover. That thought excites me and I start to throb as I have visions of him reddening my skin, and I wonder what Woolf would think of Bridger doing just that.

A wave of guilt hits me, and I immediately start to try to pull completely away from Bridger as I have the overwhelming and sudden need to belong only to Woolf. And yet… I don’t want to give up the man in my mouth.

My eyes prick with tears as my body, mind, and heart all start to compete for various pleasures. How can a sweet kiss from Woolf feel just as good as two men’s fingers inside of me?

There’s a distinct possibility I’m going insane.

Bridger holds my hair tight as I start to pull away but then Woolf is behind me, down on his knees, and his arms are wrapping around my waist. His naked chest presses into my back, and I feel his erection against me. His lips press a kiss behind my ear and he whispers, “You’re doing great, baby. Watching you suck Bridger’s cock is so fucking hot.”

I let out a hard breath through my nose and he must feel the tension start to melt, because he gives me the piece of advice I need to continue on in my quest to become a different woman.

“Don’t think, Callie,” he says as one hand drops down between my legs. “Just know that what’s happening right here… right now… it’s nothing but an experience. It doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

He slowly rubs a light circle around my clit, causing my body to jerk and take Bridger a bit deeper into my mouth. I look up at him, and he gives me a smile that almost borders on tenderness. Something I’d expect from Woolf but not Bridger.

Woolf’s words.

Bridger’s smile.

I feel safe.

Reaching my hands up, I grasp onto Bridger’s hips and pull him deeper into me.

“Fuck yeah,” he praises with a hoarse voice.

Woolf sinks two fingers into me, wrapping his other arm around me even tighter, and he causes my heart to almost seize up in euphoria when he says, “That’s my sweet girl. Even with my fingers in you and another man’s cock on your tongue, you’re still the sweetest girl I’ll ever know.”

So my first ménage has started, and I’m not sure if it will be my last, so I give it my all.

I move up and down on Bridger’s shaft while Woolf’s fingers play between my legs. My blood races, my head spins… all obvious precursors to a monumental—

The explosion of pleasure hits me so hard, I almost choke on Bridger’s dick as I suck in air to keep from passing out. I cry out all around his slick shaft stroking along my tongue on a backward stroke and then he’s gone. I sag back into Woolf’s arms as he continues to rub the orgasm to completion between my legs. I’m almost embarrassed at how hard I’m shuddering, hoping I don’t look like I’m having an awkward and completely unsexy seizure because the pleasure is so intense.

The sound of ripping foil startles my senses, and I realize Woolf is pulling me backwards as he sits down onto the floor. He kicks his legs outward, causing my own legs to spread, and then Bridger is crawling in between them. His cock is sheathed in a condom and his hands go behind my knees. He raises my legs, spreads me even wider as I lay on top of Woolf’s reclining body, and then Bridger is slamming his way inside of me.


I grit my teeth as I watch the pleasure overtake Bridger’s face when his cock sinks deep into Callie. So fucking hot and yet bittersweet at the same time.

Sweet because Callie is getting exactly what she wants, and bitter because I’m feeling jealous.

For the first time in my life, I want to deny Bridger, but fuck if that ship hasn’t already sailed.

Callie moans and her head falls back onto my shoulder. Bridger spreads her even wider, and then starts fucking her hard. I stare at his face. A face I’ve seen countless times fucking a woman, and it looks no different than any other time.

He doesn’t look like this feels any better, and that gives me a small measure of comfort. I glance down at their union, watching his rubber-coated cock tunnel in and out of her wet pussy, and my own cock aches to be inside of her. If she were a different woman, I would have lubed up and set that gorgeous ass on my dick, but Callie is way too sweet for something like that.

At least for now.

“Woolf?” Callie whispers.

It’s a question.

A need for validation.

That makes me feel even better about what’s going down.

“It’s okay, baby,” I tell her softly, and my hand comes up to circle around her throat with the tips of my fingers and thumb gripping onto her jaw. I turn her head to the side, lean around, and kiss her deeply, holding her tightly as Bridger is rocking her body hard against me. She moans into my mouth, and I know in this moment she’s moaning over my kiss and not Bridger’s dick between her legs.

I kiss her hard and possessively, my own moans mingling with hers. I can feel her body grinding against me from Bridger’s strokes, and rather than him picking up the pace so he can get them both off, I sense him slowing down.

I pull my lips reluctantly away from Callie, and my eyes immediately lock with Bridger’s as he slowly just undulates against the woman in my arms. I know this man so well that I can read the question in his eyes. Even while he’s balls deep inside what I know is the best pussy in the entire world, his focus is on me and my needs right at this moment.

I cannot help the pleading look I give him back, and he immediately knows that while I want Callie to experience this beautiful experience, I’m struggling with my possessiveness over her.

Bridger immediately pulls out of Callie. She doesn’t even notice because my mouth is back on hers again, and I let my fingers replace his cock for a few moments. I thrust two, and then three in and out of her, feeling her wetness coating me. My eyes are closed, because I succumb to the rapture of this woman, and yet I’m not surprised when I feel Bridger’s hand covering my own, urging the movement of my hand. His cock may not be in her anymore, but he knows he’s still very much welcome to play with us.

This man knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

Knows exactly the limits I have with Callie.

Fuck, he knew them even before I ever really had a clue.

I ache to be inside this woman because even though I may have all kinds of proprietary jealousy rolling through me, I still found it utterly erotic to watch Callie fall prey to this type of debauchery. My cock is hard as a rock and begging for release.

Pulling my lips away from her, I look at Bridger and say just one word. “Bed.”

He pulls her up and off me, sweeping her up in his arms, and I come up off the floor and follow them over to the four-poster. He lays Callie in the middle of the mattress, and I’m satisfied that her eyes stay pinned on me.

I crawl up onto the mattress from the end of the bed, right up between her legs. From my periphery, I see Bridger pull the condom off his cock as he watches us, his hand starting a fluid, lazy stroke on himself. The other people in the room… discreet people who embrace the subtleties of this lifestyle… come in closer to watch the action. I don’t take my eyes off Callie, but I’ve done enough of these to know that every man has a hard-on, every woman is soaking wet, and before long, there’s going to be a whole lot of fucking going on in this room.

But only after Callie and I are done.

Nudging her legs apart, I come to rest, kneeling between them. I look down at her, her hooded face only showcasing me those gorgeous, fern-colored eyes sizzling with heat and her lips still puffy from sucking on Bridger’s cock. She is beyond beautiful with a lovely red flush to her neck and her nipples budded hard.

Without disengaging my eyes from Callie’s, I ask Bridger, “Think she’s ready for me?”

Giving a deep chuckle, he steps up to the edge of the bed. He doesn’t need my permission because my question was actually a command to him. Leaning over Callie, he places one hand softly on her stomach and slips a finger into her with his other hand. He slowly moves it in and out, drawing a tiny mewling sound from her. Her eyes are droopy with lust, but she keeps them open and watches as Bridger finger fucks her.

“She’s ready,” Bridger says in a dark, filthy voice.

He removes his finger from her pussy and puts it into his mouth to suck clean. Callie gasps as she watches him, and that tiny sound makes his eyes cut over to her. He gives her an almost evil grin and says, “Gotta make sure your man’s ready too.”

I know what’s coming, because you see… I know this man as well as he knows me. He wants to show Callie that he’s still very much involved at this moment, and he also wants to shock her. He wants to show her that she hasn’t even begun to imagine the way three people can play together.
His hand shoots out and wraps around the base of my dick, causing a tiny hiss of pleasure to slip past my lips. He gives me a few hard pulls, and I watch Callie’s mouth form into a tiny “O” of surprise. She watches in fascination as Bridger leans in toward me and licks the moisture from the tip of my cock.

For the dramatic effect, Bridger closes his eyes… savors my taste. When he opens them back up again, he turns to Callie and says, “Yeah… he’s definitely ready for you.”

I know I’m sure as fuck ready for her so I raise her legs up and split them wider. Bridger gives a few more strokes on my cock with his rough palm and then tugs me forward. My hips lean in, letting him guide me, and as if choreographed, he helps to push me right inside of that hot, sweet pussy.

Callie gives a guttural moan when I sink in deep and while I’m not one to normally talk while fucking, I can’t help it. “Christ, that feels good.”

Bridger releases his hold on me, and I start thrusting slowly in and out of her. Callie stares at me and while the hood hides the subtle nuances of her facial muscles, I can tell deep within her eyes that she’s almost completely lost in this experience. Bridger sees it too because he cuts me a quick smirk as if to say, “She needs just a small push to tip her all the way over so she knows she’s been well and truly fucked by two men.”

I nod at him, because it’s my cock that’s deep inside of her, claiming her as mine.

Bridger leans in again, bracing his hands on either side of Callie’s hips, and presses his lips to her pussy as I tunnel in and out. My pelvis knocks against the side of his head every time, but it doesn’t stop him from putting his tongue against her clit while I fuck her.
Callie lets out a sharp cry of pleasure that seems to go on and on before her eyes cloud thickly over with drug-inducing lust. I’m not sure she’ll even understand what’s happening to her, but I’m now getting lost as well. Driving my cock in and out of Callie while Bridger sucks at her clit and people watch us is getting ready to go down as one of the most erotic things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s not the first time I’ve been in this position, but fuck… with Callie underneath us, it turns this into an experience that will never be rivaled again.
“Babe,” I say thickly. Her eyes focus a bit on me, and she licks at her lower lip. I push in deep, hold still for a moment, and just let Bridger’s tongue work a bit. “You okay, baby?”

She grunts, and I take that as approval.

“I want you to come for me and Bridger, okay?”

She grunts again, and Bridger sucks on her hard.

I pull out and slam back in.

Callie’s back arches high up off the mattress as she screams out, and her pussy contracts hard around my cock as she starts coming. Bridger immediately pulls away from us, and I fall on top of her. My hips start a brutal thrusting in and out. Callie groans and cries as her body shakes. I grind my pelvis down against her hard with each push, drawing her orgasm out. My eyes cut over to Bridger, and he’s stroking his cock hard as he watches me fuck her.

It’s too much.

It’s all too much, and I explode viciously inside of her. I cry her name out so loudly, it reverberates inside the room, and I’m immediately struck with the fact I have no control where she’s concerned. The woman whose identity I was desperately trying to protect tonight just got outed because I couldn’t handle how fucking good that orgasm felt.

I collapse on top of her. Her arms and legs wrap around me, holding me close as I shudder violently. My face turns to rest on her shoulder, and I see Bridger has a woman on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock.

The other people in the room are disrobing. Kissing, fondling, groping. In moments, there will be fucking. I’m absolutely depleted with a beautiful woman lying beneath me, and I think I may have just tarnished every bit of sweetness that was inside of her.

Turning back to Callie, I burrow in against her neck, pressing my lips to her moist skin and whisper her name this time. I say her name in wonder and partly in shame, because I think I may have just led her down a path I’m not sure I want either one of us on.

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