Like the Cold Fury? You’ll LOVE the Arizona Vengeance!

Cold Fury fans, do not despair! While there may not be any additional Cold Fury books on the calendar (and that does NOT mean the series is done), I promise you are going to LOVE the Arizona Vengeance!

Think about the reasons you love the Cold Fury. They are all the same reasons you’ll love the Arizona Vengeance…and then some:

➜ Those Cold Fury hunks are such sexy alphas. The Arizona Vengeance is packed full of alphas! And while the Vengeance books will be dual POV, there is a larger emphasis on the male POV (a ratio of about 3 to 1).

➜ I love the drama (and sometimes lack of) found in the Cold Fury. You want drama? I’ve got your drama. While Bishop is a fun, fake engagement story, there will be no shortage of drama in your Vengeance future (think situational drama, as opposed to drama between characters).

➜ I enjoy the heat the Cold Fury brings. You’ll get heat, but it’ll be turned up a notch or two. The Vengeance will burn just a little hotter than the Cold Fury, which is never a bad thing!

➜ I love the hockey. Then lucky for you, not only is there still hockey, there is more hockey! I’ll take time to focus a little more on the ice time in the Vengeance series.

The puck drops soon, so grab your seat! The Arizona Vengeance hit the ice on August 14 with the release of Bishop (Book #1).

Read chapter one of Bishop (Book #1):
#preorder Bishop (Book #1):
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