If you’ve been paying attention to the early reviews of Atticus which releases June 12th, you might see reviewers say things like:

➜ “I have a cold, black heart. I pride myself on it. But this book brought me to tears.”
➜ “Get a box of Kleenex. You’re going to need it.”
➜ “Oh, the emotion…”

It occurred to me that such reviews might scare you off like a rabid dog moving in for an attack. So I want to tell you… DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THIS BOOK!!! I can promise you that for every tear you might shed, you will have ten times the amount of laughter. I promise. Atticus is heart-warming and uplifting in its entirety.

For those that only crave my steamy romances and kinky sex clubs and hot, hockey hunks, hear me out as to why you might enjoy this book just as much.

Atticus is about LIFE. The life we live, the life we dream to live, the life we work day in and day out for.

And the relationships. Oh, the relationships. Atticus is about the relationships we have with those around us—friendships, our family, our pets (I’m looking at you, Atticus!), and romance…YES! There is a romance in this story and there are some moments that I hope will make you swoon.

Atticus will make you laugh, and yes, it might even make you cry. But you will walk away having taken a journey of self-discovery and love with Hazel and Atticus. From their broken beginning to their very happy ending.

And hey, you get to share in the absolutely ridiculous shenanigans of an adorably naughty dog. All of which are 100% true. That’s right, every sock stealing, pound cake swiping moment in Atticus has happened in real life. Honestly, I don’t think I have a vivid enough imagination to make up the great big personality (and ego) Atticus carries on a daily basis.

You can join Atticus and his human, Hazel, on their journey on June 12…

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Audio lovers —-> The audiobook, narrated by Bahni Turpin, will release on the same day!! Preorder at Audible!

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