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Jay Byars - Scott Hoover Photography
Jay Byars – Scott Hoover Photography

When I start out to write a novel, the first thing I do is search the internet and find pictures of who I think my main hero and heroine would look like. Then I write my descriptions of  them based on the photo.

When I set out to write Off The Record, my lazy internet searching brought me to a picture of model, Jay Byars. I immediately knew that he would be the perfect, Linc Caldwell, who you all came to lust after when he was introduced in Off Limits as Nix Caldwell’s  younger brother and star goalie for the New York Rangers.

When it came time to create the cover for Off The Record, I searched and searched through hundreds of images to find the perfect representation of my book. But nothing was striking my fancy! So I thought to myself…I wonder if I could get Jay Byars for the cover. I thought it was a long shot but I also figured, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

I shot off a hesitant email to Jay’s agent, Tom Winslow at Major Model Management in NYC. Tom responded promptly and led me through the process.  After I pitched the book, Tom put me in touch with Rick Day Photography, who shot the photo I was interested in.  And before you know it…BOOM…I had a lovely high res photo of Jay in my hands to use for my cover. *happy dance*

In the days coming up to the cover reveal, which said cover I’m happy to say is FREAKIN’ AWESOME, I’m going to be posting some comparison facts between Jay and Linc. You’d be surprised how eerily similar the two men are.  There may even be a few more photos of Jay…I mean Linc…I mean Jay…

Stay tuned…

*please note:  this photo above (by Scott Hoover Photography) is not the photo for the cover. You won’t see that until May 23rd during the Cover Reveal.




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