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How One Of My Fans Brought Me To My Knees In Thanks

OffLimitsShadowThis past week, I have been consumed with the release of Off Limits. I’ve been obsessively checking my sales, and my Amazon rankings. I’ve been reading reviews while holding my breath and checking FB and Twitter about a million times a day. Then yesterday morning, an amazingly wonderful woman contacted me by email to let me know that she had just finished reading Off Limits and it had been a major balm to a very rough day she was having. You see, 3 years ago, she lost her son and she had been saving up to be able to lay his headstone, which they were doing yesterday. She wanted to let me know that Off Limits had really helped her, particularly Nix’s tattoo messages of inspiration. Since then, we’ve been emailing and she’s shared pictures of her son, Matt with me. She made me realize that numbers are just numbers. In the grand scheme of thing, there was something far more important to my writing than how well I’m doing in the rankings. I just want her to know that she impacted me as much as my writing impacted her, and I can’t thank her enough for that. She’s given me some fresh perspective that will guide me from here on out…

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