Off Sides – Epilogue

OffSidesThumbnailShadowYou asked, and you shall receive. So many readers have reached out to me wanting to know what happened to Danny and Ryan.  I realized it was an epic fail not to have put in an epilogue. As such, I am going to write an epilogue and offer it free on my website.  I hope to have it finished soon and will post updates on it through Sawyer Bennett’s Facebook Page.

I am also starting to write a spin-off to Off Sides.  It will be featuring Emily Burnham, Ryan’s sister and will take place three years later.  I have it all pretty much mapped out and I won’t give away much here.  I’ll only say that you will still despise Celia and there will be more hockey.  Oh, and there will be a hot, hot man…who will be Off Limits to Emily.

Watch for teasers on my Facebook page as I work my way through the manuscript.




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